Cleancode: The Next Big Thing in IT Training

   Sarvesh Kakkeri, Managing Director,    & Ashim Kamat, Managing Director

Sarvesh Kakkeri, Managing Director

& Ashim Kamat, Managing Director

The demand for online IT training has increased significantly post covid. With the ever-increasing reliance on technology and the growing demand for skilled IT professionals, online IT training provides a convenient and accessible way for individuals to gain the necessary knowledge and skills. A company that is making great strides in online IT education is Cleancode.

Cleancode, a trademark of CURIOSITY ITECH was founded with a mission to provide affordable and accessible technical courses for beginners in India. They aimed to dispel the notion that coding is complicated and make technology education available to everyone. Their unique approach to teaching through a hands-on approach and realworld projects quickly gained popularity among students.

However, when the pandemic situation hit India in 2020, Cleancode was forced to suspend its in-person training programs, which formed the majority of its income. Instead of giving up, they quickly pivoted to online training programs, using technology to deliver effective training sessions.This journey is a testament to their resilience and determination. The pandemic situation forced them to take a step back and rethink their strategy, and they did so with conviction.

Cleancode's success story is a testament to the power of adaptability, innovation, and unwavering commitment to its vision. They transformed the IT industry in India by making technology education accessible and affordable to all, and their impact will continue to be felt for many years to come. The faculty members put in considerable effort day and night to guarantee that the online programs were equally efficient as the ones conducted in person, and their virtual training courses quickly became popular among students who appreciated the convenience and flexibility of attending sessions from their homes.

As the pandemic situation improved and restrictions were lifted, Cleancode began receiving requests from students who wished to resume attending in-person training sessions. Recognizing the need for face-toface training, Cleancode saw this as an opportunity to broaden its operations and establish physical training centers in various parts of the country. They have already
identified suitable locations where they want to establish their franchisee centers to provide offline training to students. Cleancode Aims for Expansion by opening 100 Training Centers Across India.

"Cleancode handles all the major departments such as advertising, marketing, lead generation, student engagement, student placements, notes, and curriculum structuring, so you as a franchisee can focus solely on managing day-to-day operations", shares Sarvesh Kakkeri, Managing Director, Cleancode.

The best & unique thing about Cleancode is that their curriculum is designed specifically for beginners who have no previous experience or knowledge in the subject & transform them into professionals in the field

Moreover, Cleancode provides franchise owners with a Franchisee Dashboard which can monitor a student's performance, attendance, progress, and growth and take necessary steps to improve it. It also helps to strengthen Students and the Franchisee’s involvement by knowing about the daily updates, notifications, status, notices, and more.

Cleancode's success has earned them numerous accolades, including Best IT Educational Institution of the Year at the International Awards for Educational Excellence, Best IT Training Service Provider in India at the Educational Excellence Awards and Conference, Best Innovation in IT Training Course in India at the Indian Excellence Awards, and Best IT Certification Program of the Year at AI Global Excellence Awards.

"Cleancode’s curriculum is designed specifically for beginners who have no previous experience or knowledge in the subject and transform them into professionals in the field. With their dedicated placement team, community support, and 500+ hiring partners, Cleancode is committed to providing our students with a 100 percent job guarantee", shares Ashim Kamat, Managing Director, Cleancode.

Cleancode believes in providing a hands-on approach to learning technology, with 90 percent of their courses being practical training and only 10 percent theory. This approach makes learning more effective and adds value to the students. The macro batch size provides personal attention to each student. Trainers are well experienced and have the capabilities to teach in regional languages and also help students understand concepts better. Furthermore, Cleancode provides flexible payment options, making it possible for more students to pay the course fees in installments.

One of the most remarkable aspects of Cleancode is the community network of coders that they have built up over the years. With over 1,000 success stories of students who have learned to write their first line of code and over 4000+ members who are connected with Cleancode over these years. The strong community network of coders helps students after completing their courses to secure jobs, switch roles, assist with projects, job interviews, and more.

By providing quality online training programs and now expanding to offline training centers, Cleancode has positioned itself for continued success in the future. With its mission to make technology education accessible and affordable to everyone, Cleancode is poised to transform the IT industry in India for years to come.

In conclusion, Cleancode's journey is a story of hope, grit and perseverance. Cleancode is a true gamechanger in the IT education industry, and its impact will continue to be felt for many years to come.