CleverPick11: Augmenting Online Gaming Experience by Leveraging Data-Driven Stratagem

In today's digitized world where every other person has access to digital and social media platforms, it's quite common to come across online gaming apps. Spurred on majorly by sport lovers and youth, the Indian gaming industry saw massive traction from 2018. It has since witnessed a significant surge in the number of startups in the regulated Fantasy Sports, globally.

According to the latest report by, the market is expected to reach $38.60 billion by 2025, growing at a CAGR of 14.7 percent. Looking to build on the booming opportunities in the industry, Chennai-based CleverPick11 is an emerging name in the Fantasy Sports industry. The start-up has been carefully designed to help users play mindfully using collated data as their resources to develop winning game stratagem.

Incorporated in 2019 and officially launched in 2021, this daily fantasy sports startup is fully owned & operated by Clever Pick Technologies, and currently provides a host of legacy contest entirely based on cricket. It hasn't developed features in terms of data as of now, but is in progress, and is further planning to venture into fantasy games for other sports as well.

Rajesh Kumar, CEO and Shyam Sundar S, CSO say, "We perform various analytical tests like fast player performance and the injury updates from the SPDs. Speed Scores help our users build a powerful team and thereby increase their winning chances. The analytical tests include the player's understanding of the game, fast player performance, injury update, playing conditions, statistics, form and SPDs".

Data is the Fuel & User Mind is the Core
The outset of CleverPink11 began when Rajesh realize the lack of data in the online gaming ethos which users required to build up a strong players' team. Acknowledging this gap, not only did he involve in-depth to get to the information in terms of product
development, but he also conducted ground researches in order to under-stand the entire market well enough. Resultantly, this led to the inception of CleverPick11.

Rajesh Kumar P, Co-Founder & CEO,Shyam Sundar S, Co-Founder & CSO

While other platforms have restrictions for letting one single user join multiple contests at a time or provide giveaways in terms of practice contests, Clever-Pink11 offers users the option to join multiple contests at a time. Present across all social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin and more, it strives to leverage a satisfactory customer-service to its users re-solving their problems at the very instant it's raised.

Plans for Future
As the founders themselves come from analytics back-ground, CleverPick11 is growing significantly using the power of data. Though, the fantasy sports arena is deluged with the number of great leaders like Dream11, and many other companies acclaiming 90 percent of the industry, CleverPick11 envisions to grow profoundly carving niche developmental growth in the industry.

Setting goals or milestones may be important, But what we do to achieve it changes the game

The co-founders say, "Within this year, we are planning to expand our workforce in terms of development and marketing. We also plan to hire few resources in terms of research to explore more about users' preferences, life and other things that can influence their interest & love for fantasy sports." The company is also looking to expand into games such as football, NBA and other sports. There will also be an increase in the giveaways, which CleverPick11 is currently doing. "Further, we have few other things in the pipeline for the customers which is to make the customers impart and also give the user a sense of belonging in terms of CleverPick11," conclude the co-founders.