Click Paramount: Making Your Next Trip Special

Pravin Tej Singh, FounderTraveling is no longer a mere pleasure or relaxation thing; it has become an essential component of daily life. Currently, statistics are updated often, and travel and tourism trends are changing swiftly. The economy is shifting, forcing us to engage with the environment and traditional cultures all around the world through ocean travel, aerial flight, mountain climbing, and other activities. The tourism sector in India is exhibiting encouraging signals of expansion, and this trend is projected to continue.

Founded in 2000, Paramount Vacation Planners Pvt. Ltd., (Click Paramount) specializes in combining vacation plans for other tour operators. Presently, the business is effectively serving the B2B sector of the tour and travel industry by offering clients firstrate travel itineraries and auxiliary services. One location at a time, the organization has been helping its valued customers reach vacation destinations. Its main objective is to make it possible for a traveler to plan and reserve the ideal trip according to his preferences by offering information, pricing, availability, and booking options for domestic air travel, hotel reservations, vacation packages, and bus and train reservations.

In the(B2B)Tour & Travel sector, Click Paramount offers a wide range of services. In essence, the business offers a one stop shop
for creating and carrying out acceptable travel itineraries, which are vital for making each traveller's trip enjoyable. Paramount provides a variety of services, including flight booking, transfers, hotel reservations, car rentals, and sightseeing. With only a few clicks, its software enables users to schedule excursions quickly and easily for their clients from any location. Presently, Click Paramount puts at your fingertips trip itineraries for well-known tourist locations like Himachal Pradesh, Goa, Andaman, Rajasthan, Ladakh, Kerala, Karnataka, Uttarakhand, Kashmir, and Sikkim, together with hotel and car pricing. With Click Paramount, you can design a tour itinerary from scratch for your clients. The firm has more than 1000 paid members for its software, it creates 350 travel quotes daily during the season and 200 quotations daily during the off season. Soon they are coming up with Dubai & Thailand also. Click paramount stands for innovation, devotion, and dedication. When users browse its software, they constantly find some thing fresh and intriguing.

Making the travel system simpler & more comfortable for the travel industry

As part of its ongoing efforts to improve its software, Click Paramount is also developing new methods such as artificial intelligence, which can be used to tailor the guest experience and streamline operations as well as analyze vast amounts of data to find patterns and predict future outcomes, and virtual and augmented reality, which can be used to showcase the hotel's rooms and amenities while also giving visitors access to interactive guides to nearby attractions. Click Paramount is constantly broadening its selection of destinations as a result of its drive for growth and expansion. The company aims to obtain 700 travel quotations outside of peak season and close to 1000 during peak season. It has been developing and specializing in the B2B strategy for the past 20 years and concentrating on promoting the chosen tourism sites in India.

The company did face numerous difficulties when it first began to create it. Currently, it aims to develop a system that will benefit both significant and minor trading partners. “Shortly, we're developing our software and we intend to update it with the newest technologies. Our objective is to provide all the essential features at a reasonable cost, making it simpler for prospective business owners to enter the travel sector. Our future edition will have all the most recent resources required to operate a prosperous travel agency in the current industry”, concludes Pravin Tej Singh, Founder at Click Paramount.