Climatify: Smarter City, Smarter Life!

Dheeraj Dey,Director & Co-Founder

Dheeraj Dey

Director & Co-Founder

Technology is overhauling every aspect of life. It is tremendously transforming several industries and significantly influencing the human lifestyle. This ingenious invention is now paving way to the buzzword 'Smart Homes'and changing the way of life. This burgeoning concept while easing human efforts with automated systems is turning as a billion dollar market across the globe. Recognizing the changes in the sector and its futuristic nature, Dheeraj Dev and his partners established Climatify to provide cutting edge, state-of-art automation solutions for smart homes/hotels/hospitals/ healthcare.

Speaking about the idea, Dheeraj Dev says,"We partnered with our Malaysian team on products, apps and developing India specific configuration. We established an experience center in Delhi and started proof of concept for some of our friends in this field. With a strong response to this, we realized the potential and decided to go fullfledge in this space."

Innovative Solutions
Home Automation is being viewed as a luxury Climatify is breaking this thought by showcasing the package based model which allows people to opt for smarter homes with minimum budget. The company's unconventional solutions include Open IoT
Protocol (hub to integrate with all devices which follow different protocols), Step by Step Maturity Model, Warranty & Support Model and While Labeling for real estate developers. It offers a highly encrypted security model which is equivalent to financial and banking transaction protocols. It has also allocated a dedicated support center for the customers and real estate projects.

Climatify is recognized as one of the top five smart home solution provider considering the global presence, packages, and solutions it offers

The company supports ZigBee, Z-Wave, Insteon, EnOcean, Bluetooth devices. This helps the customers the flexibility to select the devices as per their budget and features and we integrate with those devices.

Climatify is now recognized as one of the leading smart home solution providers considering the global presence, packages, and solutions it offers. Its product portfolio includes Climatify IoT Hub which supports all IoT technology protocols. It can integrate with any brand of digital door lock, doorbell, video door phone, sensors, smart plugs & switches, smart curtains, smart lightings from different brands and smart TV among others.

Throwing light on the experience he exclaims, "The journey so far is very much on learning and adoption. We now have strong expertise, customer's base and expectations. We know what kind of solution will get faster buy in for different types of customers."

Eyeing the Days Ahead
Climatify is expecting a 15 per cent CAGR in the upcoming years. It is heavily investing in the latest technologies like AI, ML, Blockchain. It is also capitalizing on region specific needs to setup local sales and support centers as the automation will penetrate the B2B segment too. "Our 2022 vision is to reach customers from HNI to affordable housing. We are coming up with DIY boxes for retail stores and with our strong distributor's channel our operations will be extended to Canada and West Europe as well.

"We signed MoU and are in the final stage of negotiations with real estate developers from Bangalore, Pune, Virar, Gurugram, and Kolkata. Our main focus is on retrofit projects and Greenfield projects in coordination with the real estate developers," he concludes.