Clinics On Cloud :Empowering Society for a healthier Tomorrow

Abhay Agarwal, Founder & CEO,A serial entrepreneur in HealthTech space, Abhay has a knack for evangelising innovative solutions for complex problem. He had earlier launched products for medical tourism & telemedicine and had also worked as IT head for big government project in state of Maharashtra and Assam.

There is a deep-rooted relationship between lifestyle and health. A hectic way of living gives rise to a horde of fatal and life-threatening diseases which usually goes unnoticed because of the tight schedule and of course ignorance. Unless the ailment starts giving serious tribulations no one bothers to get themselves checked by the doctor which heightens the chance of further complications. This lingering propensity enticed the attention of a vehement innovator Abhay Agarwal who is a serial entrepreneur in the HealthTech space. He resolute to change the status quo of preventive healthcare facilities by amalgamating technology, healthcare and human facets and developing new frameworks for prevention and treatment.

Based on such noble conception, he laid the foundation of Clinic on Clouds - a digital health kiosk plat-form which offers instant health checkup for over 22 parameters within 5 minutes. These kiosks are walk-in clinics equipped with inte-grated point of care devices which helps people to keep a tab on their health status by tracking down signs of health ailments such as Hyper-tension, Anaemia, Type-2 diabetes, Malnutrition and many more. Also, it stores patient data on cloud in order to make it accessible remotely.

These PODs when set up in corporate, government offices, gyms, public places such
as shopping malls, railways station, airports, educational centers and other places can be of great advantage to the people at large.

The core aim of the company is to make far reaching changes in process of executing primary healthcare facilities in the country. "People hardly get any time to go and get themselves treated because of their packed timetable. And the gap between people, technology and the health-care industry, keep them deprived of the facilities. There was a need of a mediator who could connect these three and through Clinic on Clouds, we choose to be the chord between the three. We invented Pod Clinics to detect signs of several health ailments with the intention to improve health awareness among people," says, Abhay Agarwal, Founder & CEO, Clinic on Clouds.

The company has structured its machines in such a way that it can be used under any set of circumstances. Its uniqueness lies in the fact that it can be operated with-out internet and electricity, reads vernacular languages, is accessible and affordable too.

The Team
The team of this organization is its backbone. All the innovations and advancements it has seen so far is the outcome of the hard work and imaginative effort of its team members. It is supported by 12 main tower of strength who bring huge experience and knowledge from different verticals. Abhay adds, "We have a strong team that is passionate and highly motivated to-wards making a collaborative effort in making our objective a successful endeavor".

We invented Pod clinics to detect signs of several health ailments with the intention to improve health awareness among people

To keep its prolific team con-tented, the company has created a work environment that promotes healthy competition and bestows growth as well as opportunities. It also maintains flexible work hours, unlimited paid leaves, open communication and feedbacks, strong communication connections and other such motivating rules. "We have been maintaining a healthy work culture that suits the employers and employees' requirements. We do not just focus on taking work from them but make provisions for their growth and recreations. We make room for independent thinker, problem solver, team players and enthusiasts," he avers. It is this affirmative attitude of the company that has helped them clock sale of more than 50 POD clinics within first quarter of commercial sale. Company is floating out multiple business opportunities for clinics, hospitals, pharmacies, community health centres, railway stations etc, to create the largest network of digital health touch points across the country by set-ting up 10,000 POD clinics in next three years.