CliqHR: Quest for the Best Using Modern & Tech-driven Strategies

Geetha Kirupakaran,MD & Co-founder

Geetha Kirupakaran

MD & Co-founder

Just like a pilot who can fly a plane through tough weather and turbulence, a competent executive can drive businesses to greater heights. While the need for such executives is exponentially high, finding such talent is not a cake walk. More over, such executives who can spin the companies in the right trajectory are a rare breed. Hence, a blanked search strategy of the recruitment companies many a times fails to catch hold of the best for their clients. It is really a game that cannot be won with a predefined method or set of rules it needs technology and the right strategies. Changing the game with tailored, techdriven, cost effective, and end-to-end solutions is Chennai based CLIQHR Recruitment Services.

The company is a part of Geetha Technology Solutions (P) Ltd. While supporting startups and established organizations in India, the US, and the UK, the company serves varied industries such as IT & ITES, Banking, FMCG, Engineering, Telecom, Insurance, Healthcare, and more.

Client Is King
Backed by an experienced team of
professionals and rooted in a commitment to client satisfaction, CLIQHR focuses on personal relationships, dedication to quality, and flexible pricing to support businesses of all sizes. Its major services include Permanent and Contract recruitment in India, US & UK, CXO/Executive Recruitment, Bulk Hiring, Recruitment process outsourcing, and Hire a recruiter.“We maintain the highest levels of integrity,confidentiality, and professionalism in serving our clients and employ the most transparent search process,” the company claims.

We believe our values promote a culture of extraordinary customer care through happy, motivated, and productive people

“Technology helps us screen a large volume of profiles quickly and efficiently with consistent results. AI based recruitment tools will certainly make a huge difference. We have started using the Zoho Recruit AI solution for some of our screening, although it’s not that accurate yet it still helps us save time. Technology is key as most of the interviewing and hiring process is now fully remote. We connect with 1000’s of candidates via Whatsapp and other social tools instead of Email (On the go Recruitment is catching up as mobile has become an integral part of our lives). Diversity hiring in IT remains a challenge. The cost of recruitment will come down, given the competition in the market and the introduction of more AI tools. The recruitment approach will change more and more into social recruiting as more than 50% of the candidates are looking for jobs in LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, etc., instead of traditional job portals,” says Geetha Kirupakaran, MD & Co-founder.

Since its inception in 2020, CLIQHR has managed to land a few major clients like LTI, Quesscorp(Capgemini), Aditya Birla Capital, Zivoke and Tetrad, to name a few. We support some of the largest IT companies in India & UK, working on expanding into the US. We are looking to expand our team and clients significantly in 2022 across more industries at a global level. We are expanding our list of recruitment and technology partners to support our ever growing demand in contract recruitment,” she informs.