Cloud Builders: Enhancing The Business Prospects For Organizations Through Cloud-Based Services

  Murali Krishna, Co-Founder & COO,     Sudhir Singh, Co-Founder & CEO

Murali Krishna, Co-Founder & COO

Sudhir Singh, Co-Founder & CEO

An increasing number of small and medium sized businesses in India are rapidly shifting towards cloud based services which is emerging as the major driving factor for the cloud-based startups market. India’s cloud based startup market is expected to grow at a rate of 28.1 percent during the forecast period 2023-2028. Furthermore, growing investment towards the construction of cloud data centers is expected to boost this market. Established in 2021, Cloud builders is a young firm that offers end to end cloud management and monitoring services to design, develop and monitor cloud applications to have no downtime. The company builds cost-optimized, secure and disaster resilient cloud solutions for its customers with its shared services model.

"Cloudbuilders organizes regular training sessions for their employees to upskill themselves with market standards"

Cloudbuilders provides data protection, security, and scalability within the budget of the client. The company has created a niche for itself as a reliable solution provider for SMEs in cloud computing in a very short period of time. Cloudbuilders has worked for several SMEs and has scripted technological and business success for their operations. The company offers state-of-the-art services such as Cloud Migration, Cloud Consulting, Managed Cloud Services, Cloud Native Development, Cloud Security, and more. “Our enterprise makes systems fault tolerance, highly available and auto scalable”, says Sudhir Singh, Managing Director.
Complete Proficiency in the Cloud Domain
Clouduilders closely monitor the systems so that errors are known and repaired before any customer complains. The company is Amazon and Microsoft Cloud certified. Cloudbuilders assist their customers to migrate from one cloud to another such as Azure to AWS or vice-versa and set up a hybrid multicloud, multiaccount infrastructure with security, high availability, resiliency, scalability, optimized cost, and automation. The company consists of a proficient team of engineers who are highly dedicated to serving clients.

Cloudbuilders performs the whole process in an iterative and incremental way and after each cycle it reviews various success criteria decided in the planning phase.

The services offered by the company are entirely secure and are based on a shared model, which assures lower costs and reliable results. Also, with the pay-as you-go services of Cloud builders, customers are in complete control of their time and budget. Generally, it is seen that demonstrating due diligence when responding to RFPs can be a tough task for SMEs.

Cloud Builders acknowledged this issue and started helping its customers in getting them to the required cloud maturity level in a quick period of time.

Cloudbuilders came up with a new initiative to offer a combination of services in one package. It has introduced Cloud Managed Care products for businesses that are already in the cloud as well as availing cloud services. The firm also provides different types of pricing plans to avail of these services. The company is also planning to launch this product in the AWS marketplace in the near future. Cloudbuilders helps its clients in delivering consistent quality services by performing in a phased way with proper reviews and consolations with stakeholders.

Cloudbuilders performs the whole process in an iterative and incremental way and after each cycle it reviews various success criteria decided in the planning phase. Based on those reviews, the company tailors the process in the next iterations. Cloudbuilders has spread its clientele in countries such as North America, the UK, and the US apart from India. The company is also planning to increase its customer base in the US market in the coming future. The mission of Cloud builders is to create exceptional value for is customers. Cloudbuilders is looking forward to a time in the near future when every SME will use the cloud for seamless teamwork, consistent quality, more profits, and maximum efficiency.