Cloudin Labs: Designing A Better Future

 Sakhti Ramaswamy,  Founder & Director

Sakhti Ramaswamy

Founder & Director

While having a flexible work culture and vibrant office environment is an important factor to increase productivity, how organizations help in overall development of an individual plays a major role for building a brighter career path. Imagine working amidst experts and industry veterans who can guide and groom employees to gain proficiency in several verticals. The process of knowledge sharing from specialists is more effective than the one learnt by self. Aligned to this, Cloudin Technologies led by Sakthi Ramasamy has picked and chose skilled professionals and allows them to explore the cutting edge development in the tech era. Which prepares them be ready for the future innovations. Highlighting this context, the Founder & Director said, “When there is a confederation to Mobile Applications. With respect to its service portfolio, the company deals with Latest Technology of Artificial Intelligence, Deep Learning & Machine learning algorithm along with Engineering IOT solution for its Listed and unlisted clients in the field of Finance, IT solution, Textiles, Engineering, Education & Pharma Industry. “Our handlist equitable is to provide best overhaul & enhance global build-up of client's business in the "cutthroat market". A firm foothold of inventive hypothesis, hardened prowess & capacity to give a product with sheer precision is what drives us vociferously in the universal market,” he exclaims.

While leveraging benefits of advanced technologies, the company helps organizations become smart, agile & innovative to achieve clearness & traceability. It builds Chabot for effective workflow, crafts topnotch mobile experiences. Moreover, Cloudin Research & Development plays an integral role in the life cycle of a product.

Observing a steady growth with its ground breaking deliverable, cloudin has successfully delivered over 450 projects by operating in 8 different countries

It has explored many product fields since inception and has served more than 850 clients. “As we speak about the growth of technology, we have recently stepped into AI which makes work much easier. Further, we have planned to we have planned to implement Al, ML & NLP based application for making the platform tools to work on easier automatically,” he informs.

Observing a steady growth with its ground-breaking deliverable, Cloudin has successfully delivered over 850 projects by operating in 8 different countries. The innovations and best-suit solutions have made it witness 99 per cent happy clients globally. Highlight the milestone, in 2016, the company grabbed deals with 85+ companies using its exclusive inventory product.

The company aims to enhance transparency and standardize the highly fragmented professional services industry by providing high quality, cost effective technodigital solutions across the world. It looks forward to becoming one of the leading & admired techno digital solution providers by transforming the world of data into a world of intelligence. It also aspires to deliver value system to the customer with excellent quality & cost effectiveness and with a focus on speed. On the whole, Cloudin while being a master of several cutting-edge technologies is helping its employees mould their future by upgrading their unconventional ideas & thoughts.

Sakthi Ramasamy, Founder & Director
An experienced professional with the proven track history of working in the Information Technology services industry. With varied expertise in the domain he is specialized in the AI, Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Cloud Computing and the IOT related products. As a tech savvy entrepreneur, Sakthi has a wide knowledge in Data Analytical tool development