CloudSignals: Walking Hand-in-hand with Your IoT Need

Vivek Anand Sharma,Co-Founder & CTO

Vivek Anand Sharma

Co-Founder & CTO

Already making waves, the concept of IoT is describing a totally interconnected world and if predictions are to be believed, by 2020 the number of connected things will rise to 50 billion globally! Rising market trend of M2M communication and increasing adoption of wearable technology applications has boosted the IoT market in India with an estimated growth from $157.05 billion in 2016 to $661.74 billion by 2021 at a CAGR of 33.3 percent from 2016 to 2021.

Gauging the vast potential in the IoT arena, CloudSignals forayed into IoT in 2015 with the core DNA of generating business related content based on machine learning algorithms and data. Making the complicated business facts easily adoptable, the entity is marrying IoT sensors data with machine learning capabilities and delivering in an intuitive and user friendly mode to the private social network.The company has won hearts of several clients such as StyloHomz, CT Plastics, Discover Logistics and so on with the flat rate per user and subscription based billing of the products.

Spectrum of Solutions
Enabling the business monitoring capabilities in the finger tips of the managers, Cloud Signals spotlights
IoT as a data generation standpoint while enabling Remote Force Tracking (RFT) and Real Time Analytics (RTA) solutions. While scrutinizing the business pulse in Auto-Pilot mode, it captures and analyzes data from different sources, which is collated and analyzed to deliver as the information feeds.On top of that, while delivering these actionable information feeds via a mobile app, it tags all the relevant people so they can communicate around it. In case of any exceptions or risks, its machine learning algorithms develops graphs and generates business predictions which also notifies to relevant recipient via same mobile app.Eliminating the need of examining the reports, RTA saves time, highlights real-time business insights and avoids possible business risks through auto-escalations.

CloudSignals’ GPS enabled RFT gives instant sales visit updates to managers by tracking number of visits and capturing the meeting notes

When it comes to tracking the sales operation on ground, businesses confront challenges such as lack of knowledge of actual visits being made to the customers and un-validated meeting details. To mitigate the hurdle, CloudSignals’ GPS enabled RFT gives instant sales visit updates to managers by tracking number of visits and captures the
meeting notes too. Through monitoring sales visit in real-time and by sending auto reminders for smart visits, it helps organizations in boosting their ROI by facilitating efficient deal closure.

In several instances, the entity’s top-notch services have busted clients’ strains.In an instance, StyloHomz (seating solution provider) faced the issue of frequent machine breakdown with a jumbled data as they had geographically distributed manufacturing units. Realizing the issue, Cloud Signals had put sensors in their machine to track the failure combination. This enabled the company to proactively predict the breakdowns based on the data captured using its proprietary machine learning algorithms which eventually reduced break down by 10 percent.

CloudSignals’ security protocols always raise eyebrows when it comes to connected devices. “Taking measures like local area validation, we have created communication channel for transmitting data ensuring the protection of the private data of any client,” says Vivek Anand Sharma, Co-Founder & CTO, CloudSignals.

Heading Towards Prosperity

Having 12 sales partners in India, UK&Australia, the company’s strong technical team is all set to launch a plug-and-play IoT product for RFT. With an aim of expanding to diverse geographies to sell its products offshore, CloudSignals plans to raise funds by the end of 2016.