Cobold Digital: Dive into the Digital Era with Bold Courage

While technology and digitization are making huge information available at fingertips, people are becoming selective about what they read and watch. With this, seizing people's attention is getting harder day by day. With this rivalry to portray each brand's best part and reach a potential audience, every other organization is exhibiting an online presence, but who exactly grabs the targeted audience eye is completely dependent on branding & promotions. Brands can't afford to miss out on their leads, but with several startups raising and thriving competition, marking an identity is a great struggle. Companies need to embrace a crisp marketing style that would capture the viewer's eye. Among the profuse of brands that help organizations to portray brand presence effectively, Cobold Digital is a fresh and creative new-age startup that helps companies to maintain online identity and transform businesses with cloud-first technology solutions.

The Start
It was quite natural for the founding partner Himanshu to choose this niche space as he was fascinated by the digital world and aspired to reboot the existence of the Indian small website cottage industry while helping them to multiply the effectiveness of the brand for an increased sales lead. He also observed the clients being deceived in the name of cheap websites, with a passion and purpose to deliver world-class digital solutions, he built a team of innovators, thinkers & doers and conceptualized Cobold Digital in the dynamic landscape. With the National capital offering the best business opportunities for entrepreneurs to explore, he identified Delhi as the best city to kick-start his business firm in 2017.

Over the years of existence, the company has transformed several enterprises into profound brands. It works at the junction of business process automation, modern user-centric design, and engineering excellence to drive businesses. The company builds progressive software applications that provide various digital solutions and also partners with organizations of all sizes to advocate the use of technology that empowers traditional businesses.
Solutions with Uncompromised Reliability
You just come with a business and Cobold Digital would curate the best version for your business, with creative yet trusted ideas. Catering the most advanced digital services from around the globe on your platter with website designing, digital marketing, and app development, the company claims to prepare the client brand to be business ready for the digital era. It gives a complete revamp to their online presence.

Himanshu Sukhwani,Founding Partner
Team Cobold Digital

With a tech backed creative marketing style, it helps to portray brand existence on all the potential platforms. In the context of applications, Cobold strengthens enterprises with custom progressive web and mobile apps, zooming into a bigger picture. The startup offers cost-efficient, quality solutions that make an actual difference in the commercial aspect of the business. It aims to shove the clients with digital solutions, be it template customization or API backed applications. "Our strength is in creating prolific digital experiences that are reliable. We do everything from design & development, maintenance, customizing CRM apps to promotions in an effective way," says Himanshu, Founding Partner.

Cobold Digital helps companies to maintain online identity and transform businesses with cloud-first technology solutions

Eyeing the Future
Witnessing a steady growth since the inception, the company which is 18 members stronger now is looking forward to expanding the team to 30-35 in this fiscal year. It is also making constant efforts to streamline the services and maintain hassle-free operations. In collaboration with leading brands and big corporates to small scale brands, the company has marked its presence in all the cosmopolitan cities of the country and aspires to grow more. "We would further focus on building our products such as user-friendly websites with intelligent user interface and experience which would also incorporate automatic maintenance facility," he informs.