Codem: Creating Experiences in Modern Applications

Arvind Vimal David,Founder The world has become a global investor village. Today one can purchase a villa in New York or a Condo in Toronto when they are settled in Shanghai. But, the only inconvenience here is that they will have to actually visit the places. Also, in the energy space, especially in a plant setup, after the process is completed. The toxic gas gets accumulated near the vicinity and cleaning procedures become extremely dangerous and inaccessible. Both these cases have similarities in an unprecedented fashion. That is, the human intervention becomes expensive, unsafe, and difficult to access.

One company that is creating the easiest yet innovative and immersive experience for the clients is Codem. Their Mixed Reality (MR) solutions for some of the largest real estate brokers across the globe enable clients from two different countries to simultaneously take a VR 360 degree walk through floor plan, either live or recorded. Also, for one of their energy clients, their MR and IoT solutions made sure that all of the critical and life-threatening procedures could be run using a smartphone from anywhere in the world.

Based in Chennai, Codem always looks to provide unique solutions tailored to solve problems that customers face on a day-to-day basis. The company leverages the power of information technology to work in hand with the human resource - workforce, rather than replacing them completely. They are known to provide mixed reality industrial solutions which semi-automates, educate and assist large scale industries in expediting and also automating process flow completion. “We target large industries where IoT and mixed reality can work in unison to enhance the overall process,” states Arvind Vimal David, Founder and Director, Codem.
Further, Arvind, narrating the advancements Codem is adding to the space, says “As a company, we are not working on a standard run of the mill AR-VR applications, but are burning a lot of money in the R&D for mixed reality industrial solutions. Here, AR and VR combined with IoT channelize data analytics/intelligence to provide unique customized solutions for process automation.”
The Journey of a Bootstrapped Startup
Founded in 2013, the company entered the market with a basic capital of INR 1,50,000. Finally, after settling his local debts, and setting a side some for bare minimal existence, there was hardly any equity left. Like the icing on the cake, Aswini sivakumar, the wife of the founder, was truly the driving force of the company’s progress, whereby she managed the monthly expenses of the company efficiently. Additionally, support from few of his friends and colleagues influenced the progress largely, includes Mr. Edward Sunil Joseph, Mr. Edwerd Anil Joseph, Mr. Jovitha Franklin, Mr. BalramTiwari, Mr. Thangaraj Mariappan, Mr. Suresh Dhana kottik and Mr. Lokesh D.

Over the past few years Codem’s interest towards technology has allowed them to venture into the more interesting and captivating fields like AI, AR, and VR

Initially, Codem did face hurdle in terms of acquiring projects and finding the right talent. However, by the end of 2014, the company had hired three full-time employees but was still lacking in the ability to deliver projects on time, as senior resources were still freelancers. Making the right moves, Arvind later decided to bridge the gap once and for all by connecting with the few companies that needed a strategic partnership. For one simple reason, that is- 'Collaboration over competition - win, win for all', and because of this collaboration, Codem Started giving projects to their strategic partners and delivered to the clients, leveraging partner strengths rather than hiring new resources. Thus all were benefitted. In the span of three years the company has delivered projects across industries. Few of their prominent clients include NVT Phy bridge Canada, CMCH Vellore, Snap learn Singapore, Josco travels Singapore and Korechi robotics Canada amongst others.

Technology and 'Bang for the Buck'
Today, the company has carved a niche in the industry by providing holistic, innovative, cutting-edge unique result oriented services. Arvind emphasizing on the same asserts “We believe in two things, Nish kama karma-which means to do your best work and not to worry about the results. Each of my employees and strategic partners are chosen only if giving 110 percent is a way of life and not something special. Next, the entire team follows the policy of ‘adapt, adopt, adept.'A combination of
these two policies makes sure that the client gets more than what they pay for.”

Currently, valued at US$ 2 Million, the company is at an expansion phase, whereby they have expanded to Singapore under the name Automagics Pte. Also, the company at present has acquihired a company called I game fusion tech to start our gaming division called Tusk Forward Innovators. Workforce wise, from a mere two-member team Codem has grown to 30 member team. Exploring the space, they are getting into the Tamil film industry for 360 video shoots and VR film watching experience. Throwing light on the roadmap ahead, Arvind concludes “We have been approached by a lot of investors, both in terms of investment and buyout, but we wish to grow on our OPM - Our Personal Money! Also, we have a lot of R&D happening in the fields of AI (Chatbots & Robots), data intelligence/analytics and we are in talks with a large Chinese manufacturer to create industrial grade VR headsets for an industrial mixed reality solution that we are currently developing.”

Key Management:

Arvind Vimal David, Founder, Codem

Arvind is a serial entrepreneur, market entry strategist, hard-core coder and a traveller. He is a class A share-holder in NVT Phybridge, Canada and also the director of NVT Phybridge India operations. He has more than 8+ years of IT/ITES experience with extensive expertise in ITinfrastructure production support and skilled in IT marketing and sales, networking and product support coupled with knowledge of signal sign on and social sign on methodologies.

Mentors backing Codem’s Success Story:

Mr. Oliver Emmanual–Founder NVT Phybridge Canada, Mr. John Croce - CEO NVT Phybridge Canada, Mr. Srikar Kumar - CTO Jump start ninja technologies, Mr. Saravanan - Josco travel Singapore, Mr. Sivakumarchandrasekar–Retd. AGM BHEL, Mr. Rajendran - Correspondent Shrishti schools vellore and Aswinisivakumar.

Industry Codem caters to:

• Manufacturing
• Oil & Natural Gas
• Mining Industry
• Hospitals & Medical Learning Centres
• Banking & Finance Services
• Healthcare
• Gaming
• Media & Entertainment
• Public Sector
• Consumer Goods & Services
• Real-Estate