CodeParva Technologies: Creating a Work-place Model that Reflect Values of Integrity and Morality

Sampath TJ, Co-Founder & Director,Preetha Thoguluva, Co-Founder & CPO



Many firms in various sectors were significantly impacted in the year 2020 as a result of the abrupt upheaval caused due to pandemic with business being affected due to economic decline.

However, there is always space for recovery and growth in some industries, especially in industries like self-storage services. Despite the current economic troubles, the self-storage market is considered as having an ever-increasing demand, it has held up well in a tumultuous market.

CodeParva is the first software firm in India to develop self-storage management software. CodeParva offers various software solutions such as a tenant unit management interface, accounting, billing, access control, third-party integration, and more the team at CodeParva has come together after a careful selection of individuals, who together work hard to establish a model workplace that matches with their core principles of honesty and integrity.

The teamvalue all ideas, regardless of who comes up with them, and make sure that everyone is heard and acknowledged. Serving the clients with the same values of `honesty and integrity', is deeply ingrained in the DNA of the company. All individuals in the company are also nurtured and provided opportunities of advancement in their careers with fair and transparent means.
Sampath TJ and Preetha Thoguluva founded CodeParva in 2017, and the process began with a study of a product, as well as the processes that they wanted to introduce as well as the types of work to be conducted with the solutions offered. Preetha Thoguluva, Chief Product Officer, CodeParva says, "When we first launched CodeParva, we wanted to focus on the corporate culture because it is one of the most crucial aspects of any business.

So, based on our previous insights and learning gained, we spent a lot of time thinking about how we can create a positive work culture here. In every decision we have had to make, including employing new applicants, we ensured Their fitment into our work environment. We developed our corporate policies after conducting extensive research and drawing on previous experience, keeping in mind that "everyone should be heard as a vital factor. I'm proud to say that we've found Talented professionals who are open-minded, pleasant to work with, and technically proficient."

Upskilling Workforce Periodically
Learning is highly important and is a fundamental element of any company. Apart from that, CodeParve encourages its employees to seek out certification courses that will assist them to learn more. The organization is continually on the look-out for ways to improve its solutions and motivates its workforce to do the same.

Furthermore, Preetha adds, "Any employee who completes a certification or attends a meetup learns something new. The doors open up for them as well as the entire team to train and be trained in new skill set.

The team at CodeParva works hard to establish a model workplace that matches their core principles of honesty and integrity

Roadmap Ahead Assisting Company's Growth
CodeParva is working on adding a set of new features to its soft-ware management solutions that would streamline the process. The self- storage business has a variety of manual work that facility management is expected to do. The solutions CodeParva offers will be game-changing for these facility owners, with automation through software solutions.

CodeParva would like to entirely automate. The Company is developing a full portfolio of products and business intelligence solutions in-tending to be a one-stop-shop for corporations offering services in the self-storage industry.