Coderz Vision Technology: Transforming Business Problems into Competitive Advantages

 Harish Kumar,     FounderOver the past decade, IT has conquered giant strides in an astonishingly wide range of verticals and domains. While the industry made a modest beginning in the 1970s and by the mid-1980s, forecasters, analysts, and policy planners started understanding the potential of computer software applications.

This promising industry achieved a major breakthrough in the 1990s and is now one of the important ingredients of India's success on the global pedestal. Come to think of it, what drove the rapid development of the software industry is its vast reservoir of technically skilled manpower which has transformed India into a software superpower.

Riding the tall wave in this global industry, Coderz Vision Technology has come to the distance helping businesses overcome complex challenges. In a fairly short span since its inception in 2020, Coderz Vision Technology has made some serious commitments to providing top-notch IT services to meet the ever-evolving needs of businesses worldwide.

"Coderz Vision Technology has been continuously evolving & expanding its portfolio to keep up with the latest technological advancements and meet the changing demands of the market"

The startup has identified the importance of software development in streamlining processes, increasing efficiency, and delivering better customer experiences. Helping companies stay ahead of the curve by developing robust software solutions that are effective, user-friendly, and cost-efficient; has always been Coderz Vision Technology’s objective. The company leverages the latest technologies, including SaaS, to provide scalable and convenient access to software applications, minimizing infrastructure costs and IT resources.

Interestingly, Coderz Vision Technology’s technical, strategic, and tactical services cover a range of areas, including software development, mobile app development, web development, AI, Data Analytics, salesforce, IT consultancy services, and digital marketing. The startup prioritizes quality, timely delivery, and fast turnaround, implementing a unique approach that enables it to deliver cost effective solutions tailored to the unique needs of the clients. To ensure that their employee's skills are up to date and that they can deliver high quality work, Coderz offers training in the latest technologies.

“At Coderz Vision Technology, we are proud of our company culture, which prioritizes innovation, positive transformation, and creating a pleasant work environment. We recognize that our employees are our greatest asset, and our balanced team of experienced professionals and young innovative minds enables us to deliver cutting-edge solutions. We keep it a priority to frequently upskill our employees on the latest technologies to make sure they stay updated on the field”, says Harish Kumar, Founder, Coderz Vision Technology.
The Foundation Journey
Coderz Vision Technology is the idea-come-to-fruition of two IT enthusiasts. Muraliraj Kalitheerthan, an IT professional in practice, and Priyanka, a Post-graduate in IT. Casual family gatherings brought the two technocrats together to lay the foundation for Coderz Vision Technology. Motivated by the family, the duo took respective responsibilities to get the ball rolling. Murali having experience in the area took technical responsibility, and Priyanka took up the mantle of administrative and financial support to kickstart the company. They initially spent months brainstorming and conducting market research to understand the market better, and detailed reports regularly were made to find opportunities in the market. The company was finally registered in 2021, with 2 employees on board. After a humble beginning, Coderz Vision Technology soon started getting cross-domain projects from across geographies. The firm soon inaugurated an office in Singapore. Within months, the start-up was able to build an efficient core team, that shared the same passion for IT and helped Coderz Vision Technology grow. Today, Coderz Vision Technology has expanded its services to the USA, UK, and Australian markets. The fast-growing startup has already secured a sales force-based project from Australia while awaiting exciting projects that are underway.

At Coderz Vision Technology, we are proud of our company culture, which prioritizes innovation, positive transformation, & creating a pleasant work environment

The Leadership that Drives Excellence
An MBA from Australia, Harish Kumar, the Founder of Coderz Vision Technology has successfully handled organizations in the field of Education, Proprietorship, Manufacturing, E-commerce & Information Technology. He mastered the art of building a business from the ground up and ever since has been the backbone of Coderz Vision Technology.

Priyanka Harish Kumar, an M.Tech Graduate in IT had a deep love for the IT field and actively stays updated on the latest technologies. As an IT enthusiast herself, she has been playing a crucial role alongside Harish Kumar, as the Chief Executive Officer in driving the company to success. She made sure to maintain a balance of both business and family, she used her education and skills to maintain a solid financial freedom and administration policy for many businesses. This motivated Priyanka to start the venture of her dreams, Coderz Vision Technology. Even today she makes sure to give ample amount of her time and affection for her children and family, and also allocate time to working for the growth of the company. Her dedication, hard work, and motivation was the stepping stone to starting Coderz Vision Technology.

Muraliraj has always been an IT mogul. Ever since his days in academia, Murali grew fond of IT subjects. Through years of working in an IT company, Murali was ready to start on his own. With Coderz close to his heart, Muraliraj has mentored freshers and sculpted trainees to master the programming language. He is known to treat his employees and fellow teammates as friends, and his jovial nature and charm build a strong bond with everyone. He is widely known as “Captain Cool” by his teammates. After having done the roles of a backend developer, lead for the backend team, to implementation lead, Murali finally took the giant leap to establish his own firm.

The Chief Operating Officer, Arunraj Kalitheerthan graduated as a Civil Engineer and was working in the core industry for initial 2 years. His administrative skills and an obvious interest toward IT interest had become overpowering and he finally hopped on the bandwagon of the IT world. He took multiple administrative responsibilities like operations and finance, these skills and knowledge made him a key player in building and growing Coderz Vision Technology.

Most important, the Coderz crew is the company’s main source of growth. The team will operate without any time restrictions and with a focus on delivering excellent work on time. Every team member treats Coderz as their own firm and promotes their efforts, which strengthens and brightens the Coderz.