COG Design: Leading The New Dawn Of Design By Democratizing & Uberizing

Anjali Tiwari, FounderTya Angelou once rightly said, “People will never forget how you made them feel.” Service is all about experience and how the client would feel at end of the day. Especially, with the interior design industry which is all about aesthetics and experience, the feel good factor becomes crucial. Often we hear businesses in this sector talking rainbows and butterflies about customer centricity and best designs. But the real question one needs to ask here is, what are they really doing to make customer's life easier and make them experience a royal treatment?

"Our expert designers align their creative mindset with customers' vision and comprise the idea pleasing to the customer's satisfaction while acquiring a seamless work of art"

Speaking of easing the customers' efforts in such an unorganized market, minimizing the number of stores and websites they visit would be the first option. And here is Cog design embracing Uberization catering to all design needs under one roof. Keeping clients at the forefront, Cog design also focuses on 'Democratizing Design' while having a reflective implementation of design thinking with tools, techniques, and methodology. It gives time and attention to the client's vision and crafts personal life design acclimatizing to their requirements. "At the end of the day, our goal is to satiate every individual client and provide them customized and theme based decor, leaving them to suffice, into their aesthetical homes," the company claims.

Aligned to the changing demands of the youth, global diversity, and flavoring fusion of various cultures, Cog design aims to create coherent and impeccable designs solely addressing the customization of clients, simultaneously investing in augmented reality and diving into decor game & walk through ahead of the conventional interior designing in the market. The company gives a 3D overview to clients, stepping them into a journey of tech and design, bringing style, and class to their interiors.

The Bright Side
Cog Design aligns with cognitive thinking directly aiming for human approach innovation and creativity. The other feature of the company is aligning divergent and convergent thinking to turn out the best results. "We focus on the trivialization of craft intersection including desirability, viability, and feasibility of the old designing procedure. Lastly, Cog Design provides everything under one roof, beginning from the customizable design to end manufactured products," Anjali Tiwari, Founder.

Founder's Note on Genesis of Cog design
Covid-19 pandemic had forced every individual around the globe to be behind the doors, and the road for new opportunities and exploration seemed to sink into lockdown. I was looking for new architectural opportunities and jobs but the pandemic had slowed things down and during that particular time, the idea for Cog Design emerged as I began to notice the gap in the market of interiors and architecture.

While going through the designer section of interiors in India specifically in Jamshedpur, Jharkhand, I understood there was a lack of innovation and modern designs. Specifically, there is a gap between the concept and
reality. The requirement of the client is usually not met by the conceptual reality, and this gap indulged me into interior designing and focus on a human centered approach in innovation and design, where the designer is more of a helping hand for the client and the all conceptual idea of an aesthetic household is from the client's perspective.

We understood that this concept was completely new to the Indian market but this is what will set us aside from the market. While working on augmented reality and design for satiating every individual client. We went through the process of understanding the elements of futuristic designs and how to implement them into reality. During this process, I faced the lack of craftsmanship around this field, and since we wanted to do something of our own, especially the cognitive design part we decided to bring our design to reality. Specifically having a human approach to innovation where the client's ideas are put forward and brought to reality and this is where the term “democratizing design” comes from.

Cog design aligns with the cognitive thinking directly aiming for human approach Innovation and creativity

We are giving free hand to the clients to design their own house. We do not require a particular genre, a design that is popular during this digital era. These days we see contemporary and modern designs hitting high, but our sole focus is not about a particular method of design for a particular part here at Cog design. We implement the details given by the client and bring it to the reality that can suffice their needs and designers.

At the Juncture of Great Partnerships
The only seamless method to conceptualize the design to the real world is to team up with impeccable and evolving brands that could manufacture great products and provide the customers with their required end materials. This led Anjali and the team to partner with `Ashley Furniture' one of the leading furniture manufacturing companies around the globe. “We tied up our Idea, aiming to get the end product from Ashley furniture similarly, we also grasped Jaquar, leading the sanitary ware brand to align with our cognitive design and give our clients a wide range of customization and options for their choice of furniture or the bathroom equipment for their aesthetical house” she informs.

Cog Design wants to collaborate with brands that can match its vision to provide the best designs as well as finished products. Anjali adds, “We will have a complete cycle from the designing section to getting the end product highly personalized with the customer's needs. Also, we have patterned with MAAC (Maya Academy of Advanced Cinematics) for seamless and highly innovative designs. Partnering in search of reliable and efficient companies gives Cog Design a solidified presence in the industry. While learning about these gaps, contemplating and researching how to fill them. I took inspiration from one of the great interior designers Karim Rashid and designed to create a futuristic design, something that wasn't seen before, and the first step of the journey was from my own bungalow's kitchen in Kapali Road. Where I designed the whole kitchen sections keeping cognitive thinking in mind, and that's where the idea of futuristic design grew.”

Expansion Plans
At present, Cog Design is an online business partnered with different brands for the manufacturing process as well as designing procedure. With the goal of democratic design, it aims to first set the effort on Jamshedpur and introduce the manner of conceptual reality while filling the gap between the amazing design and the ultimate product.

Its human centered approach to innovation will soon set forth to Lucknow, Kolkata, and various other Northern Indian states acquiring to be the top 10 concepts to reality solution companies. Cog Design is mainly a franchise based model seeming to be operational all over India with its new ideas, perception, and methodology.

"The current aim is to focus on two tier cities and evaluate the affordability of interior design to a range of Indian customers. We also look forward to creative visualization on different psychology behind the designing section of the masses. In the near future, we are supposing to start the podcasts specifically on Spotify talking about this very topic and dig deeper into the psychological mindset of customers or any other individual seeking to design their apartment house building workplace or whatever comes on the path we need to understand their mindset for creating empathetic-based design and end product living the very user or the customer satiated," she concludes.