Coheal: Revolutionizing Healthcare with a Touch of Technology

 Shanthi Bhaskar,    Chief Marketing Officer

Shanthi Bhaskar

Chief Marketing Officer

With the healthcare industry becoming increasingly consumer friendly, we have witnessed dramatic growth in the point of care testing realm, specifically over the recent pandemic. Powered by revolutionary AI and smartphone technologies to offer instant results, the market has also become a breeding ground for next-gen brands that strive to leverage affordable, easy-to-use, and accessible wellness. Born in 2021 as a brainchild of innovative minds at Bangalore-based Cortiqa Health, COHEAL stands as one such endeavor. Incepted to make health and well-being meaningful, COHEAL is a patient-centric enterprise wellness brand that proffers realtime data.

Cortiqa Health was founded by five like minded aficionados Bhaskar Appacudal, Sharat Krishnagiri, Nitin Agarwal, Shanthi Bhaskar, and Kokila Kakhandaki who hail from different backgrounds. “Our founding team has rich experience in running successful HealthTech businesses and maturing companies to over $1B valuations”, states Shanthi Bhaskar, Chief Marketing Officer, COHEAL. Although just a two year old, the ISO 13485-certified company has already donned the title of one of the Top Global Businesses of the Year 2022 in the Healthcare Services Category. The company firmly believes that its team of 20 people, Technology, and their intent to Transform give them a competitive edge.
Flagship Breakthroughs
According to the brand, the advent of home-based tests has minimized the dependency on healthcare workers for assessments and has blurred socioeconomic and cultural boundaries. Functioning in a periambulatory setting, COHEAL employs a similar approach to leverage minimal dependencies and economical value. The wellness data scans through personal demographics and user habits to enable a holistic view.

Reaping the greater opportunities in the smartphone industry, COHEAL utilizes the smartphone’s computing capabilities to improve health awareness. In fact, Cortiqa Health is accounted as one of the first India based HealthTech companies to quantify salivary biomarkers through a smartphone based proprietary AI technology. The same is reflected in their two breakthroughs COHEAL device and a mobile application. Backed by colorimetric assays, the COHEAL device uses a few drops of Whole Mouth Saliva (WMS), assesses proteins from the sample, and provides a non-invasive biosample by measuring the concentration of salivary-based biomarkers. COHEAL mobile application, on the other hand, furnishes personalized data, aiding easier observation of concentration and vitals. The brand’s own inhouse research lab also has developed proprietary designs to help users make informed health decisions.

Understanding the pressing need to alleviate stress, COHEAL intends to help measure and manage stress levels through its bioscan and saliva-scan services. They monitor Resting Heart Rate (RHR) and Heart Rate Variability (HRV), which determine the functioning of the heart. Using the salivary sample, the device uses computer vision and expertise to test cortisol levels at different times of the day. “One of our North American customers was able to detect a cardiac AFib and share the report with their cardiologist, thus averting a health incident and accessing preventative care,” recounts Shanthi. Using the recent wellness patterns and stress scores, the device provides personalized selfcare widgets. For example, their Respire widget is equipped with exercises, tailormade to fit each user's needs to improve immune response and reduce stress.

Expanding Horizons
Continuing the saga, the brand envisions being a leading non-invasive and quantitative, point-of-care testing platform and continues to democratize wellness. COHEAL aims at expanding its product portfolio covering other vital signs, salivary-based bio-markers, and other stress induced ailments like cardiovascular and chronic kidney disease. The brand is also eyeing new cost sensitive markets facing similar challenges. Besides corporates, wellness centers, and educational institutions, the platform aims to expand into segments like the military, athletes, pregnancy and motherhood, and geriatric care in the near future.