Collaborative Intelligence: Leveraging Technology to impact and transform Lives

Sangeeta Das,Co-founder

Sangeeta Das


Haryana-based Collaborative Intelligence (CI) seems to be a dark horse to watch out for in the Disruptive Technology space. The company provides intelligent solutions with focus on Robotics, Artificial Intelligence (AI) and other cutting edge technologies, through a robust delivery framework, accelerated by strong collaborations and partnerships. Its core strength is the level of R&D coupled with the ability to execute and accelerate delivery to market, supported by a global and highly experienced team.In this age of Artificial Intelligence, Collaborative Intelligence clearly is a techo-dexterous start-up geared to solve common problems leveraging technology and AI, which co-founder Rahul Barooah describes in a nutshell as, “We are passionate about technology and creative disruption. Futuristic technologies excite us and we eagerly embrace and leverage them for business.”

CI started as a consulting firm in 2015 subsequently took shape in Feb 2017 as a Private Limited Company. It all started with the founder’s strategic vision of transforming an IT services company into a product and solutions company defining disruptive technology in the Indian market. A visit to Israel was of immense learning in shaping the future of CI. Their unparalleled innovation and design thinking platform changed a services company to a Leading Innovation driven product and solutions company.

CI, as the name suggests, today has a wide network of start-ups and R&D partners that they collaborate with globally. “The requirements today for any industry are multi-dimensional and no standalone product can deliver the best in quality product with requisite features. As an example, for a best-in-class robotic platform, we partner with a niche US R&D organization specializing in multi-terrain, high altitude mobility and track design, complemented by another Israeli start-up with the best anti jamming and spoofing software and subsequently, adding the first of a kind communication solution through software defined radios by an Indian IIT expert team to support beyond line of sight operations. This is the unique value proposition that CI brings to the table and creates one of a kind product that addresses the problem statement. This is an approach that we have successfully leveraged in the Defense Industry,” explicates Sangeeta Das, Co-founder, Collaborative Intelligence.

Embracing Global Innovative Technologies
With a team of highly experienced professionals including engineers, business strategists and financial experts in partnership with renowned Israeli Accelerator Guru and Entrepreneur expert, Tal Catran from Israel, CI has been active in supporting startups and has
opted to participate in industries such as Defense, Oil & Gas, Agriculture and Banking to name a few. This not only helps the industry and their client but also creates employability through Make in India and encouraging Sustainable Agriculture and Social entrepreneurship. In certain other industries, the goal is to introduce technology that will transform the industry as an example transforming a low-tech O&G industry into a High-tech industry in India. “We are currently, developing a product with Tel Aviv University, which is a Bio-Inspired Robot, yet again a first of a kind, miniature robot that has the ability to move in difficult terrains either by jumping or gliding, defining another form of mobility. We are also in discussion with different IITs for VLSI and Swarming Technology. We have in recent invested in a US R&D company that does work in the Military and Civilian space. One of the projects that we are working on is to solve a common problem for the Indian Army. This is a Robotics surveillance and reconnaissance project and the operations trials are scheduled for early 2018,” mentions Rahul Barooah.

CI utilizes the expertise of the team both advisors and mentors to support their own products at the same time encourage new entrepreneurs

“Collaborative Intelligence is purely focused on re-defining technology and taking innovation to the level of disruption. Considering the objective, the company’s operating model is to look for Go to market partners for their product and solutions or manufacturing partners in India. We will be opening up for our first-trance of investments shortly as we plan to enter the gaming industry with our swarm robotic platform” says Sangeeta Das.

Identifying itself as an ecosystem that supports start-ups and industries, CI utilizes the expertise of the team both advisors and mentors to support their own products at the same time encourage new entrepreneurs. The company also runs the Uddhar program that supports innovation at the grassroots or villages and supports the under-privileged.

The Road to Creative Disruption
CI, in its short run, has been recognized by different institutions both Government and Commercial. Their flagship products are largely AI driven with different applications yet industry agnostic, to name a few …. Robotics Platform for tactical surveillance and counter terrorism, Signal processing and Imaging technology with predictive and prescriptive solutions for leak detection and repair, and corrosion guidance, leveraging big data and Predictive analytics to improve Debt Recovery and reduce NPAs.

Summarizing the journey as a phenomenal experience, team CI’s agenda of economic development resonates Government initiatives. “We are honored to be a part of the innovation forum for “Make in India” and “Start-Up India”. We have been recognized by the Indian Army and Homeland
Security for some our disruptive products with unique capabilities to solve for some of the problem statements,” smiles Sangeeta.

Key Management
Sangeeta Das, Co-founder, Collaborative Intelligence
Sangeeta has over 25 years of experience in creating and leading high performing teams, building strategic alliances, integrating teams across multiple geographies, technology platform and culture. She served in some of the leading organizations such as JP Morgan Chase, IBM, GE Capital. Her last assignment was the COO of NCO Financial Services (NCO,India). She also serves as a consultant to Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, Govt.of India). Sangeeta specializes in International Negotiations and Master Deal Maker from INSEAD and is an entrepreneur and an angel investor herself.

Rahul Barooah, Co-Founder

Rahul Barooah, Co-Founder, Collaborative Intelligence
Rahul, an MS(IS) and MBA from Boston University has 16 years of experience, working for organizations such as GE Capital, Kaiser Permanente and Citizens Bank before engaging with CI. Rahul has considerable international experience and specializes in enterprise-wide Change Acceleration and Project Management. Rahul is an AI enthusiast and Blogger.

Tal Catran, Co-Founder, Collaborative Intelligence
Tal is an Accelerator Guru & international Keynote speaker from Israel. He is a seasoned Start-Ups and Hubs Builder. He is also a Start-up Nation &TEDx Tech Speaker and serves as a mentor and consultant to startups & accelerators worldwide. An angel investor in technology startups, Tal retired as the CEO of Optimum group. To his credit, Tal has over 10 accelerators in Israel from Defense and Homeland Security to Smart Cities, apart from supporting multiple startups and initiatives globally.

Innovation Accelerators
Ci's Innovation accelerator, an Indo-Israeli venture, is a unique concept that provides a platform for entrepreneurs, technology start-ups, academia, industries, government and financial resources to collaborate and unleash the power of creative thinking, drive product design, development and commercialization. This is the first Indo-Israeli accelerator and supports projects having a well-developed MVP. The partnership offers a holistic experience in working with global teams, innovation masters,competitive minds and cutting- edge technology setting up entrepreneurs and companies for success!

The Accelerator is currently supporting startups in areas of
• Smart City and Imaging Technology
• Robotics
• Fintech and Cyber Security
• Clean Energy
• Healthcare and Bio-Med
• Digital Entertainment