Compass India: Catalyzing Economic Growth of Local Communities & Economy through Purposeful Collaborations

Pravin Tamang,  Founder & CEO

Pravin Tamang

Founder & CEO

Travel has always been an important aspect of the human experience, since it has the capability to unify people, culture and communities. Thus, tourism has been an essential catalyst in the economic growth of various local economies. Over the last few years, concepts such as sustainable and regenerative travel have emerged to overcome the consumptive and exploitative nature of traditional tourism.

Compass India, a young Indian B2B destination management company aligns with this ideology and has designed its products and services with an objective to benefit the local economy. “We understand the need for new travel companies to take active measures to make their marketing, sales and operating processes in line with regenerative tourism,” says Pravin Tamang, Founder & CEO, Compass India.

At the core of the young startup are ‘sustainable + regenerative’ tourism products with an emphasis on working with local partner and implementing partner driven operations. Compass India ensures that at least 80 percent of the tourism revenue remains within the local economy and suppliers.

Mindfully Developed Services & Products
Compass India works for its partners, i.e. travel companies in other countries and offers a wide range of services that keep communities and clients at the very core. The primary service is designing, developing & delivering sustainable, bespoke and custom
made travel products. The startup leverages its wide spread relationship with key market players and collaborates with local partners & suppliers to craft unique products. Compass India also delivers value driven local experiential activity based itineraries and pricing to clients.

“Locally, we ensure to collaborate with communities, suppliers and small players in the trade to ensure they have the financial and operational security with us,” explains Pravin.

Compass India is now in the process of certifying the company through Travel Life, a leading training, management and certification initiative for tourism companies committed to reaching sustainability.

A Young Company with Experienced Team
Founded in 2022, Compass India is a relatively new player in the market. Yet its team brings over 25 years of combined experience across various facets of the travel and tourism industry. This experience has helped the company deal with a plethora of roadblocks such as fierce competition, brutal price wars and the unregulated nature of the industry. “At the start itself we understood that we are not here to fight that battle, instead our strategy was to innovate and build relationships,” says Pravin.

Compass India ensures that at least 80 percent of the tourism revenue remains within the local economy & suppliers

Pravin takes a hands-on approach to management and believes that just a nudge towards the right direction is enough to send people on a journey to success. Compass India team has the liberty of working on their own times and from a place of their own liking.

Future Plans
Going forward, Compass India is developing a booking platform for home stay in the Himalayan region. The startups aim to work with communities, NGO partner and public sector and engage them into collectively come up with a process to train, develop and collaborate with all the entities to develop one of the best online booking platforms. The platform will charge minimum booking commissions from the hosts and the booking commissions will be plugged back to developing the next generation of tourism professionals in the Himalayan region starting with Darjeeling and Sikkim.

It is safe to say that Compass India is defeating green washing and is a true-blue sustainable and regenerative travel organization.