Connect Ventures: Empowering Indian SMEs & Startups Reach Global Glory

 Anil Gupta,   Chairman

Anil Gupta


Setting up a business in foreign countries often comes with a myriad of challenges, including compliance management, legalities, and more. For many small, and medium enterprises, the prospect of navigating compliance in unfamiliar territories can be a daunting task, unlike large businesses that can afford Big Four’s support. Recognizing the prevalent concerns surrounding cross-border operations, Connect Ventures emerges as a trusted partner, specializing in comprehensive management services for businesses venturing into global markets.

From Coaching to Conquering
Founded by Anil Gupta, Connect Ventures has its roots in Gupta's entrepreneurial spirit and his experience as a business coach. In December 2009, he embarked on a journey to empower the economy soldiers of India – entrepreneurs and compliance professionals. Through coaching, consulting, connecting, collaborating, and cooperating (the 5Cs), Connect Ventures aimed to guide businesses on their cross-border expansion, strategic management,and technology product planning. “The implementation gap between advice and execution inspired the mission to bridge this divide, ensuring MSMEs could effectively implement their globalization strategies", Anil Gupta, Chairman remarks.

Connect Ventures offers a wide range of services designed to facilitate business expansion and compliance management. One of their flagship services is business
incorporation in foreign countries. Recognizing the hesitations businesses face when procuring goods or services from unfamiliar markets, Connect Ventures advises clients to establish legal entities in target countries as the first step towards successful globalization. The company assists with the incorporation process, helping clients navigate the intricacies of local requirements, such as equity capital, ownership structure, business modeling, and responsibility division between Indian and foreign entities.

Connect Ventures stands as a beacon of support for global businesses aspiring to expand on foreign land helping them overcome barriers navigate complexities, & achieve success

Moreover, the company caters to diverse compliance needs, addressing the discrepancies between host country regulations and Indian compliance touchpoints. By understanding the challenges inherent in these touch points, the firm provides expert guidance and support, ensuring seamless compliance management for businesses operating in countries such as the US, UK, Canada, UAE, Mauritius, Indonesia, and Singapore.

The Unique Value Proposition: Unleashing Competence, Speed, Engagement, & Cost-Competitiveness
What sets Connect Ventures apart in the market are its four brand promises. Firstly, they go beyond offering services and provide comprehensive solutions, advising businesses on both short-term and long-term per spectives. Their expertise extends far beyond mere incorporation empowering clients to make informed decisions both from immediate and long-term perspectives, for example, taxation, and compliance challenges.

Secondly, excels in the speed of action, leveraging a process driven approach and empowered human resources to ensure prompt responses to client queries and requests. Thirdly, Connect Ventures prides itself on cost competitiveness, recognizing that affordability is a critical factor for MSMEs. By offering competent services at affordable rates, they break down barriers that prevent businesses from accessing the expertise needed for successful cross-border expansion.

Expanding Horizons & Enhancing Capabilities
Connect Ventures envisions extending its services to cover the majority of countries where Indian businesses operate. With plans to establish offices in key destinations, they aim to offer localized support and expand their service offerings. Additionally, the company intends to venture into new sectors such as cross-border asset management, leveraging its expertise to address evolving client needs.