ConstroBazaar: Online Purchase Manager of Construction Materials and Services

Satish Giri,FounderFor the past 25 years, Satish Giri has been associated with the construction industry. With an extensive experience garnered throughout these years, he sensed a great deal of inefficiencies in the purchase process. It never became an automatic efficient purchase process for his company or for the others in the fraternity. As a result, he decided to set up an online platform to automate purchase process for his own construction company, however soon it was realized that the product can benefit entire industry. And that is how ConstroBazaar came into being to become a one stop solution to automate purchase process for the entire construction industry.

The company was registered in January 2016 followed by the development of the product. Initially the product was designed in PHP but later was changed to latest technology of Ionic and Angular JS to keep pace with the latest technological trends and make it more user-friendly. The product is available as a website for desktops/laptops and also
as an app on Android and iOS platforms. “Since launch we are seeing a steady growth in its users and we are exceeding our revenue targets every month,”says Satish.

"Constro Bazaar is aimed at reducing time,cost and energy considerably by providing all buyers an easy and accurate access to thousands of qualified vendors"

A World beyond Purchase Hassles
In a constantly changing construction industry finding right vendors and optimum products on cost and quality is very tough. Industry spends at least two percent of the purchase cost only on the purchase process. ConstroBazaar is aimed at reducing this considerably by providing all buyers an easy and accurate access to thousands of qualified vendors. Buyers can precisely filter the right vendors based on product/service, brand, location, cost and quality.

The company provides instant connect with all sellers of each product to buyer. Only qualified vendors based on location, volume and price are displayed reducing unnecessary contacts. This saves time, energy and cost to each buyer and seller. Sellers get instant business and additional reach in the market. “Our target audiences are everyone involved in construction material and services purchase such as builders, contractors, architects, interior designers, consultants and all users of the portal. More than one million sellers across India are our targets for revenue
generations,'he informs.

Known to be a strong player in the start-up ecosystem, ConstroBazaar is positioned to be a national product and has already started giving business to many other places. The company has a team of young, energetic and dedicated professionals driven by values such as Integrity, Service, Excellence and strives to bring a substantial change in the way construction industry functions. “We as a company believe in a flat hierarchical structure with emphasis on results and team work. Customer satisfaction is kept at helm of everything we do,”says Satish.

A Bright Future
Recording a revenue increase of 20 percent per month, ConstroBazaar has come a long way since its inception. The company has seen a healthy 25 percent growth in number of users per month since launch.“Though our focus initially is on Pune city, but we got lot of enquiries and business from across India and even abroad,’he says. The team has plans to expand their presence to Bangalore and Mumbai in early next year. The Pune team is already working with their partner in Bangalore and Mumbai on this.

“ConstroBazaar is an effort to organize the purchase process in construction industry and hopefully this encourages others to look at inefficiencies in our businesses and provide them suitable solutions,”concludes Satish.