Continual Engine: An AI-enabled Edtech Start-up using Technology to Automate Accessibility and Democratize Learning

Mousumi Kapoor,Founder & CEO

Mousumi Kapoor

Founder & CEO

In the era of digital transformation, artificial intelligence is playing an increasingly vital role in driving change by breaking down communication barriers and adapting unconventional but effective ways to deliver accessible content, especially in the education and learning verticals.

Nowadays, thanks to the internet, learning is open to all, reaching far beyond borders and providing new opportunities that are limited by traditional pedagogy models. The need for enabling new levels of standardization, and democratization of access has become an essential requirement for the educational technology (EdTech) sector. Continual Engine makes this possible by effective use of futuristic technology combined with common sense, with an ambition to use AI for Good.

Established in 2018, Continual Engine is an AI-enabled EdTech start-up, with the vision of simplifying learning processes by using artificial intelligence-based technology. Their suite of products have a wide range of applications including making content accessible for people with disabilities or anyone using screen readers or assistive technology to access the content.

Continual Engine enables superior learning experience for technology-based companies and learning institutions, and specializes in digitizing legacy content including text, images, tables, and flow charts.

The inception of Continual Engine
The idea behind Continual Engine was conceived over a dinner conversation between friends. Recalling the significant event that let to the formation of Continual Engine, Mousumi Kapoor, Founder and CEO, says, “It started from a discussion that I had with Navneet Kapoor (CTIO, A.P. Moller - Maersk), along with the current investors and board members of Continual Engine including Bob Ulrich (Retired CEO and Chairman Emeritus,Target Corporation., Founder and Board Chairman, Musical Instrument Museum), Darin Narayana (Founder and Chairman, ANSR Source), and Rajiv Narayana (currently CLO, Continual Engine) on how hard it is to find practical technology which can address the issues faced by the education and learning industries, which is in the throes of a massive transformation as learning goes digital and becomes democratized.

On further research, the Continual Engine team found that there is a huge gap when it comes to digital accessibility and after dabbling in a few use cases, the team decided to focus on accessibility, particularly STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) image and document accessibility as a possible use case for AI as there was a burning need for a solution, which AI was well suited to address. The Continual Engine team is dedicated to creating simpler, less expensive yet effective ways to make PDF documents and STEM content universally accessible for every type of user by leveraging AI and automation technologies.”

Continual Engine’s flagship suite of AI-enabled accessibility products
Continual Engine has launched the following three products in the market:
PREP - PDF Remediation Platform, which uses sophisticated AI to create accessible PDF content within minutes through a highly intuitive and accurate tagging system. The interactive web-based UI of PREP provides a user interface that is intuitive and easy to use, allowing for PDF remediation in three simple steps, from uploading the PDF document to creating a completely compliant version.

The STEM “alt text” platform Invicta leverages artificial intelligence and automation technologies in Science, Engineering, Technology, Math, Accounting, and many other disciplines to produce accurate and detailed alt text captions for images.

And myAthina, an innovative Learning Experience Platform, that has recently won the prestigious 2020 Brandon Hall Group "Excellence in Technology" Bronze Award for the category ‘Best Advance in Learning Management Technology for Small and Medium-Sized Businesses’.

myAthina is a transformational cloud-based, AI-driven learning experience platform that replaces traditional LMSes and the need to spend upfront capital to purchase expensive licenses for external courses. It comes in three flavours - myAthina (B2C), myAthina for Education, and myAthina for Business. myAthina (B2C) aggregates courses from different course providers and provides very relevant, curated results for learner searches using artificial intelligence (AI). myAthina for Education provides a dynamic online campus for students and instructors to communicate and collaborate efficiently and effortlessly.

Continual Engine's flagship suite of AI-enabled accessibility and learning solutions is transforming the process of making content accessible, reducing cost by up to 50 percent and cycle time by 50-70 percent.

The vision is to provide an intuitive, affordable, user-friendly, and seamless solution that vastly enhances communication, information sharing, and accessibility, personalized learning, and offers a centralized location for all resources. myAthina for Business allows businesses to offer employees access to internal courses such as compliance, safety, POSH courses and more, along with access to over 80,000 leading external courses from a single, easy-to-navigate interface.

myAthina empowers businesses by providing an up-to-date skill profile of the entire organization along with insights on the learning goals of employees. There is no course licensing fees, and organizations have the option to pay for only courses their employees complete.

Creating Value for Clients
Through demonstrating the motto of ‘going the extra mile’, the Continual Engine team consistently strives to learn and appreciate the client’s needs and challenges, and delivers personalized solutions that wow the clients. Quoting a testimonial from one of Continual Engine’s first clients, ATI Manager from one of the largest public educational institutions in the US “Their services are top-notch, customer-driven, and the extent of their collaboration with our staff has been unmatched. We could not be more excited about the quality of the products and services they have provided and will be provided in the months ahead.”

Commenting on the AI-driven learning platform, one happy client highlighted that, “myAthina was the only solution that put the "needs" and "objectives" at front vs. the end solution. What we got was a tailor-made solution that easily fits within the way we do business and provided engagement for our learners’.

Continual Engine's flagship suite of AI-enabled accessibility products is transforming the process of making content accessible, reducing costs by up to 50 percent, and cycle time by 50 to 70 percent.

Continual Engine is working with top-tier universities, publishers, and businesses in the Americas and Asia-Pacific. 'We have received a highly-positive response from all our clients, and their feedback has enabled us to offer top-notch solutions and services at a large scale', adds Mousumi Kapoor.

Mousumi Kapoor, Founder & CEO, Continual Engine
Mousumi Kapoor is the Founder and CEO of Continual Engine. With degrees in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science (B.Tech IIT Delhi, Masters - University of Minnesota, Minneapolis, US), she has a wide variety of experiences in the corporate, startup and education world, and is passionate about building and scaling products at a global level which have a high impact on humanity.