Convocationsquare Education Consulting: Helping Students Towards Making Their Careers And Reaching Destinations

Himabindu Kolla,    FounderAs more students take the leap of attaining an education overseas, a lot of education consulting firms are coming into the limelight. Where most overseas education consultants would see your student as another sales opportunity to hit their monthly target, Convocation Square Education Consulting sees them as another life to enrich. Founded in 2020, Convocation Square was born out of the realization that unbiased guidance in the domain of education consulting was needed, but not always provided to the students.

Convocation Square provides unbiased guidance to all students based upon their aptitudes, priorities and aspirations. They understand that every student is unique and has different interests, circumstances, and priorities. By spending time with the students and their parents, investing time and resources in understanding their needs, Convocation Square is able to provide the best results for all the students they take under their wings.

With an experience of over 15 years in the field of education counselling; the team at Convocation Square is not just one with great values and approach, but also one with 800+ students placed in premier institutes around the world. Having worked with various institutions all over the world, they have also been able to partner with some amazing
universities, wherein (if the student so chooses), opportunities for admission can be higher. However, this has not led them to push students into seeking admissions in just those universities, like a lot of their competitors do.

As students approach them at a critical juncture in their life, Convocation square understands the responsibility on its shoulder

From Introduction To Admission
Starting with the very first interaction, Convocation Square looks at every student as an opportunity to learn and grow. With their Hear more talk less approach, they are able to fully understand the needs of their clients. This leads them to make helpful suggestions and even gauge what the student needs. They realized that the “one size fits all” approach was the worst thing in education counselling.

Not every student needs a psychometric test, or aptitude test. By engaging with them, these counsellors are able to decide the best path forward for every student. Based on the student’s interest areas and aspirations, they are able to recommend which courses they can look into, which universities would be suitable, what kind of scholarship options the student can look forward to and so on. This helps the students to make informed decisions. Starting with the first introduction, to the very last stages of admission and immigration, students are given detailed guidance by Convocation Square.

Quickly overgrowing the impact of the covid pandemic, the firm has in a short span has been able to help over 200 students in getting admissions ranging from diploma courses to PhDs. As students approach them at a critical juncture in their life, Convocation square understands the responsibility on its shoulder. With good intentions at heart, an empathizing approach and a stellar record and experience to back them up, Convocation Square has big plans for the future. Currently based in Hyderabad, they are soon expecting to increase the number of centres in the city and even expand internationally, starting with Dubai.

They also plan on increasing interaction with prospective students at the institutional level to get them thinking about their future early. They also plan on increasing the size of their team as per requirements from time to time. “Finally the goal is to be an enriching, enhancing and enabling platform for both students and the universities. Nothing can be more gratifying than mapping a deserving student with a deserving university and vice versa”, says Himabindu Kolla, Founder.