CORE Diagnostics: Destination for all High-end Diagnostic Testing

Zoya Brar,Co-Founder & MD

Zoya Brar

Co-Founder & MD

The diagnostics market is anticipated to double in India in the next five years, while high-end diagnostics is expected to grow tenfold. Inching towards this future, corporate hospitals have closed the gap to the western world when it comes to treatment and intervention; but tragically, the gap in diagnostics remains unchanged. Bridging this gap by bringing the most advanced testing techniques and expertise to India is CORE Diagnostics, a clinical laboratory focused on Next Generation Diagnostics for disease stratification and therapy selection. Ambitious to be the destination for all high-end diagnostic testing, the company offers a second opinion on every test from a panel of experts in the U.S. comprised of some top names in Academic Medicine. Heavily leveraging communication technology and digital imaging to accomplish this facilitates CORE to cater within the shortest turnaround time of anyone in the industry. Above all, it stands out by infusing innovation in everything it does.

Specializing in Cardiology, Oncology, Reproductive and Endocrinology tests (CORE), the company provides a range of esoteric tests in the fields
of Molecular Pathology, Cyto genetics/FISH, Anatomical Pathology & Cytology, Flow Cytometry and Genetics. Embracing the Silicon Valley culture helped this Gurgaon-based company to achieve the lowest attrition rate in the industry by a very large margin. This enables CORE to maintain the continuity of contact with its customer base (specialists & patients) and thus to secure customer confidence.

CORE caters services within the shortest turnaround time in the industry by heavily leveraging cmmunication technology and digital imaging

The Serendipitous Journey

Brought up in a family of physicians and healthcare executives, improving the quality and delivery of healthcare in India was always in the consciousness of Zoya Brar (Co-Founder & MD). She stumbled upon the idea behind CORE during a dinner conversation and quit her job at Google the very next month. While writing the business plan was easy, understanding the pain points in the system took an arduous six months, since the end customers were unable to articulate it. Fortunately, she ran into one of the Managing Directors at Artiman Ventures with vast Diagnostics & Oncology expertise. With his guidance, CORE closed Rs.27 crore financing round with Artiman. Today, having won prestigious awards and acquired all major hospitals and Oncology
centers nation wide as its clients, the company has earned a status where patients are being referred to it saying that if no one does this test, CORE will be able to do it or get it facilitated for you. In fact, patients travel from Singapore to India to get their amnio CORE test done, since the test is not available there.

Respecting Differences

Firmly believing that the diversity of viewpoints and their meaningful integration is a key enabler for innovation, the company actively encourages conflict – even during recruitment process. Beyond the unique hiring and induction approach, CORE ensures a continuous self-directed learning by creating a very flat culture – no hierarchy, full transparency and brutal candor. Reinforcing its commitment to transparency, CORE’s glass-walled office building has no individual offices, but labs, conference rooms, brainstorming areas, training areas, and one large community table at which everyone sits – CEO included.

Apart from conducting regular internal trainings, the company also sends its people for external trainings/conferences/workshops and CMEs from time to time. Going forward, CORE aims to further improve this unprecedentedly transparent work culture and retain INNOVATION as a brand-synonym with CORE. Judging by its aspiration to truly revolutionize Clinical Diagnostics in India, it is safe to say that CORE will be a global benchmark within a five-year period.