COSSOUQ: A Carefully Crafted Online Marketplace for Homegrown Personal Care & Beauty Products

Meet Jatakia,  Director of Branding

Meet Jatakia

Director of Branding

The B2C E-commerce is expected to grow steadily over the forecast period, recording a CAGR of 14.62 percent during 2022-2026. In fact, India is ranked first in the fastest growing E-commerce market globally, and currently, the country's B2C E-commerce gross merchandise value has witnessed significant growth. Highly valued companies such as Amazon, Flipkart, Nykaa and many more thrive in India and have boosted the E-commerce industry. An example of a startup disrupting the market since 2021 is Ahmedabad based Cossouq. Cossouq is an online marketplace that stands for new-age inclusivity, challenging irrational & unrealistic beauty standards, housing brands that are homegrown and international offering cosmetics, skin, hair, health, & personal care products and working towards making them accessible country wide.

“We enable people to have an opportunity to be equal by helping them look, feel, and become their best version. We are giving home grown brands a platform that big brands may not give. We believe in equality as the company's soul and want consumers and our clients to feel the same. We are getting into the mindset of people through small changes”, says Meet Jatakia, Director of Branding, Cossouq.

Promoting New-age Inclusivity
The journey to becoming Cossouq began when Pooja Patel, one of the esteemed
founders and a shopaholic at heart spent her vacations roaming across foreign destinations. She realized that the quality of products at foreign locations was much better and more authentic. Once she was back in India, she also delved deeper into the home grown brands' businesses across different states in India. It was then she realized there was potential but there was a growing need for a platform that could showcase these products and make them accessible to consumers across India. This gave birth to the idea of Cossouq. Soon, she along with her partner, Parth Patel, and friend Prachin Patel started Cossouq in 2021.

Cossouq believes that it is about confrontation, acceptance, & celebration of each unique individual with their unique skin & beauty of it

“We have a basket full of 450+ brands that are international as well as home grown, and 14,000+ products for every skin type, every gender, every color, every age, every mindset. Everything that drops into your cart has been sensibly curated and picked out to provide a satisfactory customer shopping experience. We aim to promote homegrown brands through our platform and deliver quality products to our Indian tribe at their fingertips”, says Meet. Besides, at Cossouq, the mark of equality stands for normalizing the irrational beauty standards in today’s extremely drifting world. Cossouq believes that it is about confrontation, acceptance, and celebration of each unique individual with their unique skin and beauty. “We dream of newage inclusivity where we celebrate each individual and their uniqueness. Despite their gender, race, size, or even mindset”, he adds.

Onward & Upward
Since the foundation of the company, the team at Cossouq has been focusing on celebrating everyone through its gender neutral placements of products and campaigns such as #SamjhaKar. It aims to continually educate the masses on inclusivity and the benefits of its products through its campaigns. In the future, the company also plans to launch its app and through varied content, make a noise. Cossouq believes in continually focusing on a customer first approach and working around ways to improve the same.

Witnessing the void in India’s cosmetic marketplace for the visibility of quality home grown and international products and brands, Cossouq was unboxed. We hope to be at the forefront and be the next big thing in the industry”, concludes Meet.