Couch Fashion: The AI Fashion Assistant

Arenla Jamir, Co-Founder

Arenla Jamir


Passion and entrepreneurship are inextricably linked. Successful entrepreneurship is often associated with the courage to take risks, perseverance and an inexhaustible reserve of energy, creativity and inspiration. The story of Couch Fashion is that of passion and entrepreneurship. The company is a joint venture of Arenla Jamir and Rohit Jaiswal. Coming from two different backgrounds fashion and technology, Arenla and Rohit realised that although there are existing fashion startups working in this space, the value proposition of AI in fashion industries could be further improved for the end clients and users as well in regard to the pace at which AI has been transforming many different industries and not just the fashion industry. With deep research and understanding of the market trends, they zeroed in upon creating Couch Fashion, The AI Fashion Assistant. “We have built a system that can decode the art of fashion computer vision models that can map different elements of an outfit. We use this intelligence to power our AI fashion assistant and are constantly improving our system with new trending images for the users,” enlightens Arenla.

The AI Styling Assistant by Couch Fashion is a patented system which builds a well curated styling guide for all the products available on the fashion eCommerce website in the form of image recommendations. The style guide recommendation system enhances a better shopping experience on
multiple enhances a better shopping experience on multiple e-Commerce product pages as this triggers a similar desire in the customers to purchase a particular products the same way fashion influencers do to users with their outfits and tagged products and brands on social media. The recommendation system also helps e-commerce companies evolve from the traditional way of selling products online, especially in this age of ever refreshing content on social media thus, helping them increase sales and boost revenues. “We believe that our product can fill the interaction gap between eCommerce stores and their customers which can help users have a better online shopping experience to boost the sales on e-commerce websites,” says Rohit.

The AI Styling Assistant is a patented system which builds a well curated styling guide for all the products available on the fashion e-commerce website in the form of image recommendations

Staying Ahead of the Crowd
For any new venture, finding the right market fit and building the right team remains some of the major challenges encountered during the initial days. Couch Fashion is no exception. “We believe that the new wave of innovation is not only coming from the new emerging technologies like AI, but also from the soft factors like influencing people around you with one’s way of deciphering work tasks and challenging oneself in taking yourself to the next level,” asserts Arenla. The application of AI has further allowed the team to understand fashion by decoding nearly half a million of styling images which they deliver as a personal stylist for a wide variety of user base at scale through image recommendations.

Besides, to stay ahead, the company has adopted a B-B business model where it provides its fashion assistant to eCommerce companies to help their users take better shopping decisions. “We’ve taken this approach because we are confident of serving a much better and bigger scale of users,” she adds.

The Road Ahead
Couch Fashion has have received a patent for its invention. At present, it has an ongoing deal for beta testing its product with a major Indian eCommerce company. Also, it is simultaneously working on expanding it to other fashion e-commerce as
well. “Our proposition is unique and efficient and in the coming years we want to collaborate with all major fashion e-commerce companies not only from India but with many fashion e-commerce companies from across the globe,” mentions Arenla.