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Vikas Anand,FounderIt all started when my family and friends asked me if I knew a good lawyer,” narrates Vikas Anand, an engineer and MBA holder who has worked on largest hospitality projects. “As we all know the entire process is not only painful but also the understanding of legal implications makes it appear more complex from the outside. Again, people like to depend upon reference so that their matter is in the hand of a trustworthy lawyer or a law firm. However, most people are clueless when they are not from the same city, where they do not have any kind of support system.Trust me. It’s a pretty bad feeling when you do not know where to start!”

Soothing the painful process of litigation, New Delhi-based was set-up with the sole purpose to enable the end consumer and the legal professional to not only meet each other over the digital channel but also empower them with the right
tools so that they are informed in their decision making. From Supreme Court to High Court, Tribunal judgments, the utmost important legal formats, and court petitions, has more to offer for both enduser and lawyers. Ironically, Vikas adds “The name was borrowed from the proverbial Bollywood saying ‘Court Kutchehry ke Chakkar.’”

Creating a perfect marketplace for both endusers/ clients and lawyers, CourtKutchehry offers a
plethora of legal services under one roof. Its flagship product Search Module, which is built around Supreme Court and High Courts and Tribunals, attracts a lot of lawyers, as they have a desperate need for a more reliable, accurate and a faster search engine curated around the judgments (10+ lakhs), which seems to close the existing gap in the industry.

“Our intention as of now is to onboard lawyers and then start developing the ecosystem as more practicing lawyers on our site will attract more clients. This will open many more windows of opportunities in terms of services that we can offer, something that at this moment I cannot speak about,” says Vikas, gallantly, “This space needs time, and there will be no short cuts!”

Quality and simplicity at the core of, the company ensures to keep the platform simple, inexpensive, and accessible to all. “I am a firm believer in the product rather than the strategies. Strategies can only follow if I have a good product,” asserts Vikas. Today, there is a dearth of genuine online legal products. For example, some providers are selling legal formats online but the quality is poor. Hence, people lose faith in online legal products. On the other hand, the search engine subscriptions are also expensive that it becomes non-viable for budding lawyers, graduates and even for a few fresh lawyers. “I am sure it must be pinching experienced lawyers and corporates, what do they do as there are only handful players charging the moon and do not pass on the benefit to the lawyers and users,” he adds.

Growing organically, in six months the platform has registered 7000+ users. The company is supported by eminent lawyers and business professionals such as Dr. R. K. Anand, who is also the Director of the company, and Mr. Diljit Titus, Managing Partner, Titus & Titus, and Co. have been instrumental in shaping’s search engine. In the coming days, the company is planning to invest heavily in technologies like AI and ML to take the platform to the next level.