2gethr: Designed for Fresh Ideas and Organic Netwokring

Yogesh Bheemaiah, Co-Founder

Yogesh Bheemaiah


This proverb replicates the true scenes at corporates these days. Employees go to the office, work on their PCs like robots or stare at their desktop screens thinking of how to kill the remaining time. The situation is much of burdening boredom on the shoulders. But this was a thing of past. There is an emerging style of work that has gone viral all around the world. It has been used by entrepreneurs, work at home professionals and people to craft shared and collaborative workspace. Co-working spaces, as they say, have been there for more than a decade now and the co-working search trends suggest that it is going to grow beyond what anyone can expect.

The concept of a co-working space is simple yet functional and has begun to develop as a separate office space segment only during the past decade. This growing popularity is attributed to several factors like making employee optimization a necessity, the global start-up boom and the emergence of the new economy of sharing. As estimated by Knight Frank, over the past decade the number of flexible office spaces in the world has grown by 3,500 percent, while the number of people working there increased by 8,000 percent. According to the same data, at least 18,000 of such spaces exist around the world and they can accommodate at least 1.7m people. At present, there are about 300 operators and about 800 spaces operating throughout the country. This growth is predominantly limited to cities such as Bangalore, New Delhi, Mumbai, and Hyderabad. The next phase of this growth will include Tier-II cities. The emerging popularity has no longer been portrayed as a new-age workplace recommended for startups, but more so space for diverse businesses to explore and grow. A range of emerging players are defining and completing the landscape. Ideally fitting into the picture is Bangalore-based 2gethr, a co-working space designed for fresh ideas and organic networking, which allows true freedom and flexibility. The culture at 2gethr is conducive to collaboration and conversations that are struck by people with unique skills, talents from all walks of life, a culture that encourages flexibility to get up and move, network and collaborate.

2gethr, as a brand, aims at providing co-working spaces with high experiential value community and built around strong values that uphold with great rigor. "We are in pursuit of creating offices spaces that focus on the overall health of the members (WELL Certification) and also to provide them with a plethora of events that help them achieve what matters the most to them," speaks Yogesh Bheemaiah, Co-Founder at 2gethr.

Creating Vibrant Workspaces
Colors, forms and visuals are known to elicit emotions in humans and a balanced emotional quotient is a must in the office culture today, where employees are pressed for time. Visually and thoughtfully-designed workspaces can give a definite boost to evoke empathy in the competitive employees today. A positively happy employee will be more productive. Also, for the employee to have the same goal as the organization, the company needs to offer a healthy and productive environment. While co-working space providers generally operate around a common framework, that is, access to high speed Internet, coffee/tea, and other such
SLAs, the 2gethr team aims at creating office spaces using industrial design trends. They leverage the use of plants, metal and wood in spatial design aspects. “We use peppy, eclectic color schemes around our spaces to boost the morale of those working out of 2gethr facilities. We also leverage the use of end to- end applications to streamline the experience of members on the facility. Whether visitor management or raising service requests, everything can be done through the 2gethr app. Using such spatial design and technological aspects, we try and create a zone where people successfully do what matters the most to them,” Yogesh mentions.

As we spend more than 90 per cent of our Time indoors, the built Environment can have a Profound impact on our Health, happiness and Productivity

As we spend more than 90 per cent of our time indoors, the built environment can have a profound impact on our health, happiness and productivity. The WELL Building Standard has introduced a model to improve human centered design and construction. Understanding its importance, the company uses WELL standard as a benchmark for building design. WELL Standard overlooks the various aspect of human health such as air, water, nourishment, light, comfort and mind. “Some of these aspects are often overlooked while designing workspaces. We believe that the WELL Standard emphasizes these aspects and therefore, we take care of the overall health of all our members. Keeping this in mind, we design our workspaces,” he says.

The Team Strength
No successful venture rests on the shoulders of an individual. It is the team that translates an entrepreneur’s dream into a reality. Forming the right team is the universal first step to building a strong and sustainable company. 2gethr houses a team of passionate souls who strive to make a mark in the industry. The team is in a continuous process of innovating and improving various aspects of workspace design. “We leverage various technologies and processes to improve the overall experiential value of our members. We also follow OKRs at individual and team levels. The team then works individually and collectively to follow up on these OKRs,” he adds.

The 2gethr team believes in the idea “Dream Every Day”and helps enterprises, startups and freelancing individuals realize their dreams. It offers customization of office spaces to enterprise clients depending upon certain factors. It is also fully committed to the SLAs of its memberships and ensures that the members are fully committed to their dreams.

What’s Next?
The first center by 2gethr was launched earlier this year in Bangalore with almost 60 percent occupancy and has since increased to 100 percent soon after. Currently, it has AasaanJobs/OLX, Entrepreneur First, Stackbox, Cars 24, G2, Match Move, Pensando and The Words Edge along with various freelancing individuals. “At present, we are aiming to have around 5000 seats by the end of the financial year 2019. We have a new center opening in Outer Ring Road, Bellandur soon,” concludes Yogesh.

Yogeshbheemaiah, Co-Founder
Yogesh is a d-level executive with a successful track record of over 15 years in commercial office spaceleasing and sales. His passion is to help develop businesses by creating and managing co-working spaces that are friendly, inspiring and promote a healthy work culture. “it’s my personal goal to ‘always Be learning’ and it’s this goal that has helped me add value, meaning and fuel the dreams of hundreds of startups and businesses.”

His specialties are leadership, commercial leasing, sales & retail, strategy, business development, relationship management, P&L management, portfolio management.