Craft Tatva: Exclusive E-Commerce Platform for New Age Artists

 Ajay S., Founder

Ajay S.


The global arts market worth grew at a CAGR of more than 60 percent over the past one year. In India, the market is unorganized to a large extent. The country is in need of credible platforms that can provide artists with the respect and compensation they deserve. This is what Craft Tatva is offering. Since its launch in 2021, from Delhi has successfully on-boarded 1000+ artists just with word-of-mouth publicity. The company is already profitable and month on month it is touching new milestones with respect to business numbers and total artists on-board.

Over a decade of art trading, Founders Ajay and Vishalhave faced numerous challenges in the art industry wherein majority of the artists were struggling to get their art displayed to their target collectors. India barely had a free platform where they could display artworks hassle-free and get local language assistance.

In India, is the only platform where any artist around India can list himself up for free along with the local language tech and on-boarding support and get the exposure to a global audience. "We charge commission over sale only and that too with a nominal premium once the artwork gets sold. We do not hold artists' inventory just like physical art galleries. We have a diversified genre of artists. Our platform offers a wide variety of range to art collectorsgiving them a flexibility to choose the art that fits their budget size, orientation, medium, and so on, mentions Ajay S.,Founder, Craft Tatva.

Standing Apart
The various factors that are boosting the company's growth are easy on-boarding, problem solving, eliminating art forgery by providing a UIDAI based certificate of authentication(First movers advantage), maintaining exclusivity free listing, local language support variety to art collectors, minimum premium and global exposure to artists. The company has been meeting artists for the last 10 years since the actual picture was darker in terms of treatment offered to artists by traditional channels. It
noticed numerous barriers like technology barriers, unauthorised distribution, stuck inventory, personal touch, affordability and range, language barriers.

The company also noticed that this industry is in dire need of digitization, whereas Tier 1 countries already have established players India has yet to see a digitally inclined platform when it comes to selling/buying art online. "After the spree of interacting with 100+ artists we have realised the problem is the same for all. We launched with a vision to eliminate the majority of the barriers to our artists. We focused more on problems rather than sales in the initial months. To our surprise they both intersected midway in six months of our launch", says Vishal Mukesh, Associate Founder.

Our platform offers a wide variety of range to art collectors, giving them a flexibility to choose the art that fits their budget, size, orientation, medium, and more

Based on buyer requirements and selection Craft Tatva has more than 10000+ artworks listed on its portal handcrafted with love by various acclaimed and emerging artists of India. This diversification allows the collector to pick the best painting that fits well with his selection. This diversification allows the collector to pick the best tailored painting that fits the most to his needs. Curator's pick is the section which holds the collection which has been appreciated by various art lovers around and acclaimed artists in its community. This offers seamless experience to art investors.

Vishal Mukesh, Associate Founder

Future Endeavours
The company started with three artists with their 64 artworks last year (2021-Jan). Now, taking about globally. It has served collectors globally which includes countries like US, UK, EU, Australia, Singapore, Dubai and others. It gives the company immense pleasure to see how Indian artists from different parts of the country are getting recognition from art lovers around the globe. In addition to that, it motivates the entire team to work with as many artists as possible. Tech being the core part of the business, the company is currently focusing on the tech part wherein it is consistently trying to make the platform easy-to-use with an improved UI that helps artists and art lovers to use it more efficiently.

As climbs the ladder, it is getting 8-10 artist registration requests daily that helps in moving us to the direction whereby on-boarding 2500+ artists we become the largest Indian Art Community. This won't stop here as it is now planning to expand globally and targeting to cater as many artists as possible in next year."We are planning to compete with the renowned market players with an aim to position India amongst the art industry leaders worldwide and World Wide Web", concludes the Founder.