Craftera Design Studio: Designing Better Livings

Abdul Aleem, Founder

Abdul Aleem


Winston Churchill once said, “We shape our homes and then our homes shape us”. This quote rightly emphasizes that the interior design of a residential building shines a spotlight on the personality, identity, and culture of its residents, which completely differs from person to person. For instance, a young adolescent's aspiration for a game themed funhouse will be poles apart from a gentleman's choice of English styled luxury home. Thus, a complete understanding of the clients' requirements by studying various facets such as his lifestyle, job, passions, and at times even his social media presence are prerequisites of a competent designer. However, we need a trustworthy and reliable service provider for sculpting our home into a better place and catering to our interests. With that said, a safe hand for transforming a house into a sweet home is Craftera Design Studio.

The Bangalore based startup knows that every client is unique. Debuted in 2016 by Abdul Aleem, Craftera is a specialist in providing premium quality, end-to-end services such as interior designing, space planning, project management, and more. So far, every project they worked on is an absolute delight both in terms of look and feel they are not only aesthetically beautiful, but also very functional in character.

A Structured Approach
For every project they carry out, the team has set an approach that they follow to deliver accurate outcomes. The team starts by consulting the clients and understanding the requirements and designing sample work. On confirmation of the project, the modeling and execution phase begins. Before the commencement of the project, a detailed briefing is offered to the client to explain the scope of the project.

While offering an array of interior designing services, Craftera has become a brand where people discover an extraordinary experience of design, decor, and furnishing that are in complete harmony, transforming your house into the work of an artist. From elegant designs and cozy interiors, it gives your space a more bespoke feel. The company is offering plans which is known for classic beauty, modernity, versatility, and much more. The brand's choice of products, accessories, and designs for each home is well coordinated and aligned to a theme that fits the customer's lifestyle.

The dextrous team of Craftera Design Studio is focusing on R&D and improving the process for every new project

"Lifestyle and home are the two faces of the same coin, an analogy to an obvious fact that anyone would agree with. Understanding how to design a home that befits a lifestyle is the key to every project," says Abdul, Founder, Craftera Design Studio. "Our forte is residential styling, where we take care of every aspect from who is staying there, the age group, gender, and more to offer the best to them based on a questionnaire. Most importantly, we don't blindly go by their design and colour preferences but understand what suits their lifestyle and what improves their mood setting. Our focus is on easing the mental stress for decision making by creating perfect models based on the requirements” he adds.

Standing ahead of all these brands, Craftera goes the last mile and does what the others don't do i.e., the entire gamut of renovation. With a rich design library, it is a one stop shop for everything with respect to homes. The team of highly skilled and prolific designers, interior decor professionals, and project managers believes in the power of design, thus creating design savvy interior spaces that are beautiful and reflect your persona.