Cravium Foods: Endowing Taste And Expertise

Rahul Aggarwal,FounderBrought into being by a start-up enthusiast and a coffee lover, Coffeeza is a brand that puts forward the best quality coffee machines, delectable coffee capsules, and stylish accessories. The machines are available in two distinct variants, namely the Lattisso Coffee Machine with an attached milk frother, which is perfect for milk based coffee (such as Cappuccino and Latte) and the Finero Coffee Machine which is ideal for black coffee lovers. Intenso, Classico and Decaf are the three non-flavoured coffee capsule variants which the company exquisitely concocts giving consideration to their clients’ predilections and taste for beverages. Recently, blends such as Hazelnut and Chocolate have been added as a part of Coffeeza’s offering to give customers a variety of options to choose from.

Their main website (www. is a storehouse of simon-pure javas and accessories that compliment the unique coffee blends crafted using sub tropical roasted and groundbeans. The platform is flooded with blogs and videos endowing the clients with delicious recipes. "Being a bona fide coffee brand we are bestowing not only the finest quality coffee found in the world but we are also devising the best coffee makers. To give our clients a premium coffee treat we have been choosing the pick of the bunch coffee beans, and curating beautiful crockery to complete the perfect experience," Rahul Aggarwal, Founder, Cravium Foods.

The Inception
Rahul’s desire to venture into the food and beverage space enkindled him to establish Cravium Foods under which he came up with the idea of hosting a brand that solely deals with coffee. This initiation took shape with his penchant for coffee that drove him to delve deep into acquiring out-and-out knowledge about the coffee culture.
In the light of the familiarity that he gained with the social atmosphere that pivots heavily on coffee sparked off a thought-provoking idea of appeasing the growing demand for premium coffee in India. This incited him to create ‘Coffeeza’ under the entity Cravium Foods. The objective is to make the process of concocting coffee of premium taste at just a click of a button.

"After completing my undergraduate studies in Industrial Management from Purdue University (USA) and MBA from Babson College (USA), I came back to India and joined my family business. This prodded my avidity for entrepreneurship and enkindled me to raise a business of my own. Thus in 2017, I settled on the plan to move apart from the family operations and establish my own business. It was the fondness for coffee that impelled me to take the chance of introducing this arresting coffee culture in India. I fully take pride in saying that through Coffeeza I have enlightened the populace with the modern method of making and drinking premium coffee," narrates Rahul.

The Journey
The nascent stage was crucial for the company yet it was fortunate enough to witness a good client base in the second month of its existence. Just like any other start-up, it was shackled with many stumbling blocks. However, blessed with good luck it had a prolific team who has been adroitly pinning down every emerging spanner in their endeavours. The team’s work mantra is to focus on serving its customers in the best way possible, setting its heart on conferring them a flawless experience.

Creative ideas, positive energy and out of the box approaches are the qualities which enabled Coffeeza to go through the roof in terms of revenue, popularity and clients. And as a sincere concern, it does make sure to keep a tab on the needs and requirements of each and every employee. Despite being a start-up, the company confers care and support to its employees. It espouses a positive and energetic work culture that boosts the confidence, attitude and performance of the workforce.

Coffeeza is a brand that puts forward the best quality coffee machines, delectable coffee capsules, and stylish accessories

"We do our best to keep our workforce in a healthy environment; an environment that allows them to grow and evolve respectively. We take care of their requirements and at the same time support them with additional benefits. We aspire to maintain this bond forever and together stride towards the crowning points," he adds.

As for the future ahead, Cravium Foods is aiming to become one of the finest F&B companies in the country. Very soon it will be introducing new machines and coffee blends. In addition to this, it is also aspiring to expand its reach to other vicinities in the nation and across the globe.