Creative Haus Design Studio: Bringing Life to Upscale Design Concepts & Solutions

Ashay Mandaokar,   Principal Designer

Ashay Mandaokar

Principal Designer

India’s growing urbanization, increasing income spectrum, and a growing interest of the population towards the creation of beautiful and functional spaces is leading to the growth of the interior designing industry. The changing lifestyles, and the implication of COVID-mandated hybrid work structure has greatly inspired more individuals to seek interior design and decor services to accommodate their new lifestyles with a unique twist to give every space a unique touch. As demand for such experts grows, the Nagpur-based Creative Haus Design Studio emerges as a creative partner, designing spaces that are out-of-the-box and reflective of the individual’s personality. Effortlessly incorporating unique concepts with brilliant aesthetic features which bring life to people’s stories is the company’s forte.

Concept Based Spaces

Creative Haus Design Studio was founded with the passion to create spaces which reflect more than just design ideas. The firm’s name itself, unfurls a tale of its excellence in creating one of a kind design concepts, and translating these visions into reality with every project. The team at Creative Haus Design Studio also strives to spread awareness about the field of designing through its well crafted solutions tailored to suit the needs of every client. The company does not simply offer interior decor solutions, but a comprehensive range of designing solu-tions, often provided in collaboration with
designers and architects to perfectly nail the minutest details that massively impact the space’s overall design aesthetic as well as functional value.

“It makes me happy when I see my clients' daily lifestyle gets changed into something that they actually eye for. We take the time to listen to your requirements and collaborate with you to create functional and budget-friendly designs. We create timeless spaces which offer a unique touch in every corner. Creative Haus Design Studio is not only about crafting spaces for people but it also offers a curating experience to young minds. We are now a highly prestigious design firm in central India and are committed to providing you with high-end and affordable design solutions for your space”, shares Ashay Mandaokar, Principal Designer.

Inspired by the mantra of ‘Listen- Innovate Create', the Creative Haus team believes in ‘Together we create’, which fosters a collaborative approach to designing new spaces

Over six years since its foundation, the dynamic team of Creative Haus Design Studio, comprising a blend of young and experienced minds that work together to transform ideas into realities, has carved a unique niche and identity for itself. Inspired by the mantra of ‘Listen-Innovate-Create', the team believes in ‘Together we create’, which fosters a collaborative approach to designing new spaces. This collabo-rative effort not only leads to improved teamwork,but more prominently, leads to the creation of more innovative designs. The exceptional results that this strategy leads to provides Creative Haus with a competitive edge in the industry. Focused on installing distinctive styles which become a signature look in its own merit has enabled the company to outshine its competitors very quickly.

“Creative Haus Design Studio has maintained its legacy for the last five years. We are standing strong in the world of design and architectural fields. Our goodwill with customers has balanced our relation between our vendors and clients who drive to use our services and be a part of the Creative Haus family”, further shares Ashay.

Keeping up with its legacy of always expanding forward, Creative Haus aims to continue spreading its reach tremendously in the coming years. To achieve growth, the company aims to create a name for itself among corporate entities and brands, in order to upscale its creative future. Creative Haus aims to establish a strong presence in the industry which renders it the go-to choice for all architectural and interior designing needs across sectors.