Credable: On Board the Largest Working Capital Financing Firm Embarking with High-end Technology, Expertise, & Solutions to Shape Today for a Better Tomorrow

 Ram Kewalramani,  Co-Founder & MD

Ram Kewalramani

Co-Founder & MD

Dreaming about establishing a new business is no longer a tedious job. Today, technology is creatively helping us to turn dreams into reality. Technological advancements and applications are the driving force to generate outstanding ideas, implement changes, and revolutionize the business world. In the modern interconnected world, AI has become increasingly valuable in various sectors, including the fintech industry. It offers numerous benefits and practical applications that are worth exploring and reshaping the financial sectors and traditional methods of delivering services through innovative technologies and solutions.

And when it comes to starting a business, two things are very important, that is capital and a great team. With these two things, one can build a good company having a clearly defined purpose and clearly defined goals and plans. In addition, strong leadership, open communication, continuous learning and growth, balancing health and wellness, rewarding success, and a good culture with diversity and inclusion are like a cherry on the cake.

The fusion of finance and technology with strong expertise is an innovative realm that has the potential to revolutionize how we perceive success and engage with capital. Grasping the true potential of technology and capital, Credable is scrutinizing new and better ways to help clients succeed on their terms. The company is marching forward with the most effective technologies and solutions in helping SMEs, corporates, and banks to shape the future of working capital management and trade finance.
Fueling the Future of Working Capital Financing

An award-winning platform, Credable is fostering working capital, regardless of size, sector, or scale. In the realm of working capital financing, Credable provides end-to-end working capital solutions that meet the specific needs of each business, which results in improved financial stability and growth for its clients.

“We are well-versed in streamlining the processes from the beginning till the end and perceptive in creating long-term relationships focusing on transparency and enhancing trustworthiness with mutual understanding”, says Nirav Coksi, Co-Founder and CEO, Credable.

Establishing a tech-savvy and resourceful platform, Credable is audaciously breaking barriers with a nimble, robust, and agile ideology and solutions to support high growth and success. The company has successfully enabled $8 billion in working capital and its platform has already hosted over 135 corporate customers and has engaged over 3,00,000 small business borrowers. Remarkably, it is a one-stop solutions platform that caters to three segments that is banks through its Banking- as-a-Service (BaaS) platforms for working capital financing, corporates through its platforms for supply chain financing and trade finance, and small and medium businesses by providing financing through its own NBFC.

Training an Employee to be the Next Entrepreneur

With inclusive, nurturing, and responsible attributes, Credable is bringing in amazing talent with an objective to cultivate a workforce characterized by robust holistic health, recognizing the broader implications beyond mere business metrics. On a journey to create a diversified team, Credable prioritizes the well-being of employees by offering workplace counseling programs and sessions, driving philanthropic endeavors forward with a focus on promoting health, welfare, environmental stewardship, and education.

The company ensures numerous initiatives for the evolution of the employees such as IMPACT to contribute something productive to society, EXPO to raise funds for NGOs, IGNITE MINDS to ignite employees' passion, and explore new roles through Internal Job Posting (IJP) and project-based programs. Furthermore, Credable boasts a diversity ratio exceeding 30 percent, with close to 29 percent of mid to senior management positions occupied by female employees.

To sum up, Credable is establishing groundwork for a brighter and equitable future by providing capital instantly and cultivating a workforce that remains curious and advocates change within the organization.