Credofy Solutions: Simple & Effective Responsive-Websites Enriching Businesses

Rahul Parashar,FounderThe whole purpose of getting one’s business online is to get some kind of perquisite out of it. What’s the point in owning a business and do nothing about it? Everybody these days babble about getting their business online. Are they doing it right? Now, that’s the question one needs to ask. As we all know, especially in India, there are a lot of web developers and freelancers who offer great designs and customized websites at a cost effective price. Almost 90 percent of these designers either provide service or sell a website, which is mostly a one-time affair. What are they projecting here? If we carefully analyze, just by providing a website or packaged services, one does not do justice to the company.

Think of your designer as one of your sales persons. Would you hire a salesperson who doesn’t know how to create a need? Would you pay an employee who just sits all day and does nothing? The best designers are creative people who are able to sell things with their design concepts.

Unveiling these qualities effectively is a New Delhi-based web application development company named Credofy, who just don’t
provide a website and help clients gain an online presence but enrich their vision online by providing them comprehensive insights into the current market trends. They further educate their clients by giving them a competitive analysis to boost their business to a whole new level.

Credo+ Fidelity = Credofy

As the name suggests, the company albeit around the philosophy of ‘belief & faith’. Since the entire industry is corrupted by the so-called website service providers, Credofy is changing the perspective of people and is adding an impact in the space.

Currently running the company in bootstrap mode, Credofy initially started its journey as a product development company in 2012. This was during a particular phase when eCommerce had just hit the strata. Elaborating on the inception story, Rahul Parashar, Founder, Credofy Solutions “We ventured into untapped industries and developed an eCommerce platform in the furniture segment. Since the customers were still not matured in the Indian market to adopt at that point in time. We decided to move out of India and started developing websites & web application products to UK & US clients.”

Getting under the Skins of the Client’s Business

Trust plays a vital role in defining the success of any business and Credofy ensures that they build a relationship with the clients and always give top priority to project delivery. Right from designing simple UI-based responsive websites, to eCommerce
websites, to developing innovative in-house web application products, Credofy takes immense pride in its SEO services, as it enhances their clients business and escalates their online presence into revenue generating model. “Getting under the skins of our clients and thinking their business as ours, is where we raise our bars high and that's how we go about and do it!” avers Rahul.

Right from designing simple UI-based responsive websites, to eCommerce websites, to developing innovative in-house web application products, Credofy takes immense pride in its SEO services

With a small and lean team, the company is focused on providing quality services to its clients. Also, growing 20-30 percent YoY they have partnered with a certain design agency to boost their own business. Explaining the roadmap ahead, Rahul concludes “We will be expanding our offices in UK & US, as a majority of our clients reside there. Most importantly, we will be launching our in-house products into the market soon. Since we are focused on simplifying people’s life, we ensure to develop innovative products & services in the near future.”