Crion Technologies: Leading the Digital Twin Technologies Wave with Innovative Solutions

  Vishnuvardhan J.,     CEOThe value of the international market for digital twins was estimated at $11.12 billion in 2022, and from 2023 to 2030, it is expected to expand at a CAGR of 37.5 percent. The pandemic has sped up the adoption of digital twin technology spanning applications in several industries besides manufacturing, such as healthcare, real estate, communications, and retail, fuelling the market's potential for growth. The lack of visibility platforms in the industrial sector served as the impetus for CRION TECHNOLOGIES' founding in 2016. CRION TECHNOLOGIES is a core visualization company that creates digital twins with data accessibility as a key value, and CLONOS, the 3D-focused data management solution, delivers this value.

Technologically Driven
With the aim of making it simpler for industrial workers to visualize their plant data and make data assisted decisions through user-friendly dashboards accessible from any part of the world, CRION developed its flagship product, CLONOS. “Our solution CLONOS involves the creation of Virtual replicas of an asset, especially downstream brownfield oil and gas assets mainly for remote asset management purposes. By creating a digital twin of these assets, CLONOS enables our customers to monitor assets in realtime, identify potential issues, and perform predictive maintenance to minimize downtime and reduce costs”, shares Vishnuvardhan J, CEO, CRION TECHNOLOGIES.
The platform distinguishes itself by providing a unique collection of capabilities such as remote monitoring and control, predictive analytics, and simulation tools to assist operators in optimizing the operation of their assets. The platform is designed and developed to integrate existing industrial systems such as SCADA and ERP and provide a comprehensive view of all operations within the organization, allowing operators to make critical decisions based on real-time data, increasing profitability and safety.

The company’s success is a culmination of the joint effort of the entire leadership team who hold a transformational position in the organization

“CLONOS Digital Twin is an advanced platform that is well-suited for remote asset management in the oil and gas industry. 3D Centric data management and visualization of data in a more meaningful format are our core features, our integration capabilities with IT/ OT systems make our Digital Twin more decentralized and accessible. Our strategy is to deliver a scalable Digital Twin model starting from equipment to the overall asset and cross model assets and equipment of various other locations as well”, further adds Vishnuvardhan.

Future Roadmap
The versatile and scalable module makes CRION's 3D-centric data management solution more appealing to customers and serves as a distinct difference from other IT/OT solutions on the market. In addition, the solution was developed using cutting-edge technologies, namely Web3D, AR, VR, Industry 4.0, Cloud, AI, and ML.

The companys success is a culmination of the joint effort of the entire leadership team who hold a transformational position in the organization. The team strongly believes in upholding its core values of building trust and promoting inclusion will act as the key component behind the firm’s growth. The core team is an amalgamation of experts hailing from the Oil and Gas, 3D, PLM, AR/ VR, IIOT, and APC sectors, bringing diverse experiences on board.

The company is now looking to expand its geographical footprint and penetrate foreign markets as the Digital Twin solutions market is maturing in many parts of the world and presenting tremendous opportunities. CRION is working towards strong strategic partnerships on a global scale while also enhancing its product capability. With a strong product on the forefront and strategic growth blueprints ready to be executed, CRION is on the verge of taking over the Digital Twin Sector.