CRITICALOG: Customized Logistics Service Provider

Sujoy Guha, CEO & MD

Sujoy Guha


Logistics plays a very important role in ensuring that all products and outputs reach the end of the Supply Chain or Consumers, in a timely and safe manner. However, in reality, every industry has certain products which are more critical than others. These can be raw materials, finished goods or spares. The criticality can be in sensitivities regarding value, temperature, handling, transit-time, and nature of the product, confidentiality, lifespan or even on emotional quotient.

More than often, the customers have not tried to assess differentiated logistics solutions for such items and traditional logistics companies have been transported with the normal bulk cargo. The traditional logistics companies have never recommended differential treatment for such critical products, mainly due to lack of differentiated network and handling capabilities, hence such sensitive/critical products had very little logistical choice in the past.

Eager to take the Indian logistics industry to the next level, the Founders built CRITICALOG, on a unique amalgamation of logistical expertise, proprietary customer-friendly technology, overseas experiences, along with thoroug hbred processes and individualistic customization. The company offered, for the first time in India, a logistics partnership – where
challenges exist, where priorities demand a higher level of logisticalsensitiveness and where customization is a must. This was done by collaborating closely with Customers, by building logistics based business solutions, using a secured network, logged-on team members, and a highly customizable IT backbone. “Today, after five successful years of operations, our differentiated solutions have been proven with some of the top brands in the country, who use it for Forward, Reverse, strategic stocking, IT integration, secured transportation, flexible pick-up options and various other complex logistical requirements,” mentions Sujoy Guha, CEO & MD, CRITICALOG, summing up the journey.

CRITICALOG has begun to make an impact in this market within a niche logistics arena where only brave hearts dare to thread

eCRIRICA: Technology Built to Transform Logistics
Today, IT and IT enabled services are the lifeline of all modern organized logistics operations. It has not only helped to restructure the entire distribution set up, but also actively supported achievement of higher service levels, increased productivity, lower inventory and optimization of supply chain costs. The proprietary ERP suit of CRITICALOG called eCRITICA, is a best in class ERP, capable of integrating client systems and that of client’s customers, enabling tracking, WMS, OMS, automated rating and invoicing customized MIS, GPS, CCTV, Android applications and many more. “Unlike traditional ERP’s available in the market, our eCRITICA is flexible, easily
customizable and built on the market. Built on the latest technological platform, it provides incomparable sophistication. Also, it is capable of creating an automated environment, where business logic can be individually defined and solutions integrated to create a sustainable logistics model, easing pressure on the customers but allowing control through customized MIS,” explains Sujoy.

The Road Ahead of CRITICALOG
Bangalore-based CRITICALOGhas registered annual revenue CAGR of 260 percent since incorporation. With a vision of creating profitable business, the organization broke even in the second year of operations and consistently delivers profit at the bottom-line along with contribution margin above 65 percent year on year.

The company has invested significantly in technology, pan India geographical reach, infrastructure, and in happiness quotient for its personnel. Continuing to provide innovative and challenging logistical solutions to its 300+ active customers, CRITICALOG is expected to continue growing at a CAGR of 80 percent over the next 5 years.

“We are positioned at the high end of growth rates and margins of this industry and derive its market position within a gap arising out of price point versus focus mix amongst incumbents. Our business model allow specialised knowledge, expertise, technology, processes and people to come together to design and operate custom supply chain solutions for clients and deliver on its performance and quality promises continually – allowing complete stability between Demand and Supply under complex situations,” concludes Sujoy, on a positive note.