Crossover Leadership Journeys: Offering A Holistic Framework that Creates Leaders at all Levels

Yogesh Agiwal,  Founder & CEO

Yogesh Agiwal

Founder & CEO

Leaders are vital for all lines of business in an organization as leadership and management go hand-in-hand. The changeover from an employee to a leader can be an arduous task to accomplish. While moving up the ladder in the company, it is of paramount importance that he/she has the apt qualities to become a leader. This is where leadership development programs become imperative. Several companies are emphasizing the need for these programs to serve two purposes firstly to help existing leaders hone their skills and secondly to offer employees a clear pathway for taking up managerial roles. This benefits the company and the employees, making it a win-win situation for both parties. So, if you are looking to improve your employee's leadership skills, then Crossover Leadership Journey brings an end to your exploration.

Niche Offerings
Crossover Leadership Journeys'unmatched expertise lies in offering the ‘Crossover Leadership Development Framework' that creates leaders at the associate, middle, and senior professionals' levels. Born in 2016, the Hyderabad-based company offers holistic training in the four facets of self, team, operational, and organizational leadership that effectively prepares leaders of tomorrow.

The company's uniqueness lies in its `Journey Approach' that helps to apply the learning on the job with the support provided from the 'Crossover Mentoring Team' through contextual articles, videos, action learning plans, leadership engagement, periodic reviews, and coaching. Assessments aid and guide the inception of the journey.

The Journey Based Programs are run for a couple of months by conducting action learning between the months. The participants are engaged every week with contextual articles, videos, whatsapp groups to review and support the application of learning. "Our idea is to create engagement with the participants throughout the program. We want our participants to apply whatever they have learned in their real lives. We have recently added the boost system for the supervisors where they are provided with inputs to observe every participant and jot down their behavioral changes in the system" says Yogesh Agiwal, Founder & CEO, Crossover Leadership Journeys. The company's target audiences have been small and mid sized companies.

Incredible Journey
The journey so far for Crossover Leadership Journeys has been an incredible ride. The company which started its operations in Hyderabad has spread its footprints to other Indian cities such as Pune, Mumbai, Chennai, Bangalore, Trivandrum and Kochi. It is also planning to open a new office in Kolkata and New Delhi soon. Currently, it is serving in six sectors. The success saga of the company saw that within 24 months of its operations it successfully acquired 24 new customers. The number got almost doubled to 48 customers in the next year. Today, the company has 68 valuable clients with 80 percent clients acquired thru referrals. Yogesh believes that the company's achievement is directly proportional to the number of customer the company acquires and sustains. Therefore, he and his team of 22 professionals, out of which eight are fulltime employees and 14 are facilitators spread across India continuously working towards adding value in every interaction and building deep relationships with the clients. The Crossover team is classified into four groups content team, delivery team, operations team, and mentoring team. "While we will continue with our expertise of structured, research oriented, journey based leadership development approach for Corporates we are also planning to offer the journey based leadership development in an open format under the banner "Emerging Leaders Program" starting March 2020. Later this year we are planning to launch the Alumni Network of Crossover participants for an ongoing learning and development support"he concludes.