CUBEX Logistics: Organizing Indian Logistics Industry through Automation

Tarun Gupta & Gaurav Bhatnagar, FoundersThe Indian logistics sector is often deemed as unorganised. Despite owing to obsolete practices, the industry takes up almost 14 percent of the nation’s GDP. Reformations and resolutions are the need of the hour and CUBEX Logistics, under the leadership of Tarun Gupta and Gaurav Bhatnagar (Founders), has taken it upon itself to organize the industry by automating the comprehensive process. CUBEX’s IT based work engine proffers rock solid promises to clients as well as end-customers, while on the other hand it gives a backbone to its own objectives of low operating cost, higher productivity and better customer service.

Through automation and cloud based processing, the company bridges the communication gap in the entire process by essentially providing clients with latest updates on their shipment via a GPS enabled dashboard that tracks real-time even the speed at which vehicle is moving, in addition to the online tracking and SMS
facilities to end-customers, thereby reducing manpower and improving precision. For instance, every SMS from CUBEX specifies the time period of shipment delivery, which enables the customer to arrange the money ‘on time’ if it is ‘Cash on Delivery’. Aiding to the technological advancement, the company also boasts of a strategic command centre in Delhi that constantly monitors the vehicles 24/7 and generates weekly reports for the clients.

Constant feedbacks collected by CUBEX from the clients & vendors, and surprise checks ensure the amenities are as per the client expectations

The Services

Since its inception, CUBEX has been providing reliable services in the line haul operations and supply chain management. Currently, the company spreads its services as first mile & last mile operations, pick & pack, line haul management and so on, all under constant supervision. Adding to this, the company also facilitates its clients with a 100,000 sq. ft. warehouse fully equipped with CCTV cameras and vigilant security guards. Offering B2B and B2C services to top notch e-Commerce clients, CUBEX covers an impressive range of 1000+ pin codes in India. This expansive and precise service is
due to a defined channel & strategy delivery along with a feasible supply chain solution, constant feedbacks that are collected from the clients & vendors and surprise checks ensure the amenities are as per the client expectations. In addition, the delivery boys employed are subjected to thorough background verification, which contributes big time to the security assurance part.

Progress via Innovation

Logistics industry is notorious for being a tough task master, leaving its participants tired and ignored. CUBEX sought to change this belief by building relationships and rapport with external vendors, employees and teammates to ensure they don’t feel being in the typical logistics industry. It also provides its 300+ workforce with benefits like provision for work from home (backend team) and assistance in personal and integrity issues that ensures a healthy progress. “Our employees should feel happy about coming to their office, not imprisoned,” states Tarun.

CUBEX challenged the general notion of the industry and now is a success story with revenue of Rs.180 million and a growth of 20-22 percent on a quarterly basis. With expansion as its aim, the next big thing with CUBEX is a digital warehouse. The company also plans to facilitate fulfilment centres in companies like Amazon. Going forward, it looks to put the strides into corporate travel management in addition to partnering with OEMs to establish its services PAN India.