Cuesys Infotech: A Leading Solution Provider in the Field Of Knowledge Management

Hari Krishna Maddineni,  DirectorEmployees are the asset of every organization. Thus, it is the responsibility of employers to provide effective training from time to time to deliver better results. Such training help in reducing employee turnover, driving productivity, improving employees' confidence, and motivating them to perform their best. Helping various companies to nurture a culture of continual learning is Cuesys Infotech, a Bangalore headquartered startup.

Cuesys Infotech is a one stop solution for all corporate training and software development and outsourcing. The company is a service oriented solutions provider in the field of knowledge management and is committed to delivering high quality and state-of-the-art solutions in the technology space, serving the needs of the IT industry.

Genesis Story
The company is the result of Hari Krishna Maddineni, Director of Cuesys Infotech, recognizing the scope and responsibility of training and his desire to build a business that works. The entire establishment and its services are designed in a way to gain the trust and respect of their clients and build long term relationships with them. Along with this, the fact that their services cost less than the other vendors in the market helps the company to stand out from others. All the services are carefully curated and integrate all the elements to guarantee success.

Under the stewardship of Hari Krishna, what
started off as a humble beginning in Bangalore, India gradually matured to become a success and expand to Vijayawada, Hyderabad, Chennai, and then to Austin, Texas. The company has now over 24 employees on payroll and over 1,500 consultants under contract. Founded in November 2019, Cuesys Infotech is Hari Krishna's first entrepreneurial venture. He comes with a solid 16 years of experience in this landscape and has also served the director position for two other companies. Needless to say, his leadership and management skills have helped the company to sail triumphantly through the years without any hiccups.

We want Cuesys Infotech to be a place where ordinary people come together to produce extraordinary results

The company is managed by a group of IT professionals and found-ed on the principle of technological superiority and effective change management with an objective to make a difference in individuals' careers with their consulting and training methodology. The various services offered are software development consulting, software testing consulting, corporate training, process consulting, staffing solutions and openhouse workshops.

"We want Cuesys Infotech to be a place where ordinary people come together to produce extraordinary results", says Hari Krishna. He also adds how the company is known for their impeccable order and consistency in providing uniform services. Within a span of three years, the company has managed to add many big names to their clientele list. Some of them are EY, Accenture, HP, Siemens(Mumbai), Mphasis (Mangalore), Qualitree (Bangalore and the list goes on.

It is not a secret that the global pandemic triggered a surge in online services accelerating the scope of the digital aspect of businesses. The same goes in the case of Cuesys Infotech too. The company's turnover spiked exponentially after the services were hosted online. This business approach resulted in the company achieving their yearly revenue within a month.

Hari Krishna and his team work toward their mission to become the ultimate go to consultants for companies on niche technologies. The company intends to bridge the gap for the companies that are struggling to comprehend technologies and are in search of adept assistance in this matter. The qualified team of this firm is in its constant pursuit to serve this purpose and also to advance themselves to a significant level along the way.