Culenz: Setting New Milestones in Virtual Reality Experiences

Abhinandan Nahata, Co-Founder,  Rajat Jain, Co-Founder

Abhinandan Nahata, Co-Founder

Rajat Jain, Co-Founder

The Indian AR and VR startup ecosystem is buzzing with innovations pushing the limits of what is possible, potentially revolutionizing society as mobile technology did for the markets during the late 1990s. The market for the VR industry is rapidly evolving and will evolve more when people start understanding the power of VR. Founded in 2019, Culenz is a virtual reality media creation company creating virtual experiences for people to experience any product, venue, event, or leisure without displacing themselves. It leverages the use of VR devices and creates an experience on and off campus which is then fine tuned and made available for everyone to dive into a new world.

People perceive VR as more of an addon to the current technological experiences however with drastic changes, VR is revolutionizing the whole industry. The biggest challenge here is to let people adapt and accept this technology, as they are still unaware of VR's power, so educating and helping them understand the technology is essential. Culenz saw a growth in VR technology during Covid when the consumer industry audience was sitting at home it analyzed the situation and quickly shifted to live streaming events and became the most experienced VR live streaming company in India. Culenz was founded by Rajat Jain and Abhinandan Nahata, a true master of business administration and an engineer who has been following technology

advancements since 2004. "Making people feel that they have teleported to another world and the feeling of contributing to someone's dream is indeed the most rewarding thing for us", speaks Abhinandan Nahata, Co-Founder, Culenz.

Revolutionizing the Industry
Culenz provides state-of-the-art AR services that align with bringing a revolution in how people experience things, see them, and pursue them. It provides a range of services that are tailor made to meet the needs of each client. It offers live video streaming, live video recording and editing, and post production VR services that can be altered per client requirements. It is a company that provides tailor-made service that enhances what the customer requires because every industry has a different perspective. Culenz creates the finest experiences with 3D models so that when users are experiencing the contents, the connection is not lost. It also creates 3d models from just photographs using photogrammetry to achieve it, so there is never a compromise with the experiences of photorealism. "For individuals, VR brings highly inter active and personal experience with our VR Solutions spanning from mobile phones and tablets to desktop solutions", says Abhinandan.4

Making people feel that they have teleported to another world and the feeling of contributing to someone's dream is indeed the most rewarding thing for us

Culenz uses cutting edge technology and devices to produce the highest levels of visual experiences, setting it apart from its competitors. It is reaching domains where the use of VR technology was unheard of and implementing immersive and visually more appealing solutions where the user finds himself a part of the experience, compared to conventional methods where there's a disconnect. All its experiences are cloud-based and are available worldwide in the form of simple sharable hyperlinks. Headquartered in Jaipur and an office in Hyderabad, Culenz operates with a team of ten professionals dedicated to offering the best services and exceeding client expectations. Culenz's client list includes big names like Doordarshan, BMW, Audi, Jashn-e-Rekhta, Jaipur Literature Festival, Superbond, JC Antiques, and more.

Culenz's vision is to become the finest emerging tech company in India. It is working towards a more connected society, progressively bridging the gap between the user and the product. It wishes to bring more technological advancements to the country through its expertise. Culenz aims to be more visible and educate people more about its services.