Curable Care: Leveraging Technology to Bridge the Gap in Healthcare Industry

Muthu Subramanian & Meyappan, FoundersIn 2021, the market for telemedicine was predicted to be worth $70.4 billion. From 2022 to 2030, it is anticipated that the industry will expand at a CAGR of 19.5 percent. Within India, as inflation increases, the need to offer affordable and hassle-free solutions to patients, particularly the elderly is being realized more than ever before. While there are many players in the industry, one that stands out for the comprehensive range of solutions is Curable. Curable, founded by Muthu Subramanian, Mey Meyyappn and Sada Sivam, is a telehealth platform that leverages technology to seamlessly connect patients with healthcare providers. Curable strives to make the patient experience simple and seamless. Curable handles everything from doctor consultations, to pharmacy orders, and lab tests.

“Curable is a robust and proven solution that is currently being used by leading healthcare providers as their telehealth solutions. We focus on transforming healthcare in inaccessible areas (rural/suburban), integration of diagnostics/ pharmacy and home health care, providing convenient consults from the comfort of the home, practice management solution for doctors, and comprehensive medical records repository”, shares Sada Sivam, Founder.

One of the key differentiators of Curable is that through this platform, every stakeholder is always at an advantage. The platform offers patients 24x7 access to their preferred healthcare providers with the flexibility of consulting them from the comfort of their homes. The platform also allows storing medical records digitally so the healthcare practitioners and patients have easy access without having to fumble through paperwork every time. Patients also have access to labs and pharmacies, and thus have an all in one solution. Similarly, it also makes it simpler for doctors to plan their appointments and schedules easily by offering a systematic appointment management solution.

The platform offers patients 24x7 access to their preferred healthcare providers with the flexibility of consulting them from the comfort of their homes

Talking of the firm’s USP, Sada Sivam further shares, “There are a lot of telehealth providers in India and around the world. But almost all the solutions focus on a patient first approach. Curable as a solution is built around all the stakeholders including patients and healthcare providers. Though we also provide a B2C solution for patients to explore and find healthcare providers from our portal, our strength is to provide a seamless B2B solution wherein a doctor or a hospital can turn on a white labeled telehealth solution in a plug and play fashion within a matter of few hours. It is arguably the most easy solution to integrate and also one of the most costeffective solutions in the country”.

The founders of Curable, Muthu Subramanian and Meyappan, are engineers with over 20 years of experience in different sectors. Starting out from the US, Muthu came back to India, co-founded a hospital in Chennai while Mey stayed in the US to continue to pursue his MBA at NYU Stern and work for multinational companies. The team was motivated to increase accessibility to healthcare services for those living in rural areas of India, specifically remote or Tier-III cities, due to the gap that currently exists between good quality healthcare services and these regions. Telehealth was the only answer. The business took off better than expected as COVID mandated restrictions made teleconsulting a necessity rather than an option. Curable has always been a frontrunner in adopting the latest technology. With AI gaining momentum, Curable is exploring opportunities for further enhancing the services, thereby saving many more lives in the coming years.