Curae Health: Inspired by Nature - Driven by Science

Vedant Loyalka,  ChairmanIn the last few years, Indians have become health aware and highly discerning towards food choices. Today, there is a lot more effort being put into choosing the right kind of food. People are consulting nutritionists and actively searching for credible information on the internet. We want and deserve healthier options of food filled with the right nutrients, and that is the purpose of Curae Health - a brand committed to providing quality health supplements.

With love and care for your health and Mother Nature, Curae Health is Vegan-Friendly Certified, Allergy Free Certified,Toxic Free Certified, Cruelty-Free Certified, Plastic Neutral Certified, GMO Free Certified, ISO 22000:2018 Certified, and all its products are manufactured in GMP approved facilities. It is a brand recognized by leading nutritionists and has one of the highest certifications in the nutraceutical industry. All of the ingredients used by the company are handpicked and pure; backed by thorough research and clinical studies. “Each formulation has clinically studied plant extracts in combination with essential vitamins and minerals,” informs Vedant Loyalka, Chairman, Curae Health.

The Inception Story
“The contemporary world has granted us a heaven-sent lifestyle full of opportunities and a high-standard living. However, this way of
life has also contributed to a lot of perplexities and nerve-wracking conditions. Although people want to eat healthy, with the increasing pollution and use of fertilizers, we are unable to consume the right nutrition from food. Ultimately, not giving health the importance it deserves.”

Speaking of the founding story, Vedant says, “Coming from a business family and being an avid traveler, I used to buy my vitamin supplements while traveling abroad because there were no reliable brands in India, unfortunately. This is when I thought that there should be a trusted brand in India, and I decided to build one. We pooled a strong research team, sourced pure and clinically tested ingredients with the right formulation, and then Curae Health was born in 2017; striving to be synonymous with trust in health supplements.

Curae Health is a trusted brand driven by technology, deep research to create products that enhance Vedant Loyalka, your overall health

Known For One-Of-A-Kind Products
Curae’s product portfolio consists of Plant Calcium for Joint Health; Probiotics for Digestive Health; Multivitamin with nine Health Benefits for daily immunity; Beauty supplement for hair, skin, nails, eyes; Weight Management supplement; Stress and Anxiety supplement; Brain and Focus supplement; Stamina and Testosterone booster, and more. The company curates products for every age group from children to adults, seniors in the family and caters to both women and men.

Its authentic ingredients range from Plant Calcium from Atlantic seaweed with more than 25 trace minerals to the world's only vegan society and vegetarian society registered Vitamin D3. “Our Curcumin has more than 80 research papers and 45+ clinical studies, Brahmi is backed by four clinical studies for memory improvement and reducing attention issues, Ashwagandha has more than 12 research studies and is the highest concentration, most bioavailable full-spectrum root extract retaining all the natural constituents of the herb in the original balance, etc. We believe in sustainability and living with nature so consciously we are a vegan-friendly certified and plastic neutral certified company", the company claims.

While trying to break several myths about health supplements, Curae is looking to add more consciously prepared products. Owing to the confidence and support shown by the customers, it is on the verge of exporting several products globally as well.