Cured By Design: Carefully Curated Hemp-Based Products & Aromatherapy Blends

By Daanish Matheen,   FounderHemp holds a great potential to re-invigorate the very base of medicine/ pharma, nutrition, personal care, etc. This multifaceted product is a lavish source of Omega 3 and 6, and this has become a widely popular nutritional substitute for vegans and vegetarians. The benefits of this amazing plant are so many that it has also caught Dr. Reddy’s eye, who brought Sputnik to India. It is a truly versatile plant with over 400 uses and can diagnose around 20 ailments such as chronic pain, anxiety, PMS, etc.

Hemp, being untouched for years throughout a wide range of industries, now holds huge potential in India since its evolving awareness and acceptance. As such, Bangalore-based Cure by Design, provides a unique range of hemp based collections for Nutrition, Pets, and Personal Care, and also provides one-of-a-kind Hemp-infused Aromatherapy Blends.

Founded by Daanish Matheen, Cured By Design mainly focuses on promoting plant-based products that are free from chemicals and other harmful substances. They are a fully licensed company that has been recognized and certified by various government organizations such as ISO, the Ministry of Ayush, and the Ministry of MSME.
The brand also believes in the empowerment of farmers and contributes to the development of the farmer communities in some of the most remote villages of Uttarakhand, where the raw materials are sourced from. “Hemp has been overshadowed by the stigmatizing narcotic properties of certain strains of the plant. Cured By Design is working towards removing the stigma around Hemp products and educating society about the various healing properties present in Hemp,” Daanish informs.

Cure By Design was launched in 2020 with just about 13 SKUs, today they have 62 SKUs that the company wholly produces and manufactures

The Silver
Lining The USP of the brand that sets it apart from the rest of its contemporaries is the newly launched range of Hemp-infused Aromatherapy Blends that aid in both mental and physical discomforts. Their relentless efforts in curating innovative, one-of-a kind products with the use of Hemp are definitely a plus point. “We are currently present in about 40 curated marketplaces, including Jaypore, Kindlife, Petsy, and the Organic World,” Daanish Matheen mentions.

The company is vigilant and steadfast in delivering their orders on time to their customers. They use two kinds of shipping methods, the express and the normal, which ensures the deliveries are promptly done and that there are no complaints from the customers.

The company’s popularity has purely grown on customer accolades and word-of-mouth. The brand has not done any paid promotions or advertising as yet. Being one of the first hemp-based companies in India gave them a certain edge that grabbed people’s attention. In the future, Cure By Design hopes to launch a medicinal range that will be prescription-only based. The team is working relentlessly with researchers and doctors to curate a medicinal range with hemp leaf extracts that cure ailments. All the products launched are research-driven and have gone through a lot of trials and R & D. They also hope to serve and help establish upcoming brands that want to explore opportunities in the Hemp space. Since Cure By Design also manufactures, they allow White Label and this can help upcoming brands to set up their business and explore the evolving hemp market.