CureSelect Healthcare: Preempting & Curbing Health Issues

Dr. P. V. Srinath Yeshwanth,   Co-FounderThe Healthcare industry is on the verge of re-inventing how a diagnosis is arrived at. When a patient used to visit a doctor, she was not aware of the importance of previous ailments or existing ones for the diagnosis of the current problem. Still, Electronic Medical Records (EMR) have enabled taking into account the patient's history to deliver a near-accurate diagnosis. But there's a catch. The information about a patient's health is limited to a particular doctor at a specific point of care. So, when the patient visits another doctor, the historical data may not be available. This creates a lapse in the diagnosis process. However, CureSelect Healthcare has developed a cure for the same.

Through its state-of-the-art, all-encompassing array of solutions, under A2Z Health, to pre-empt and curb health issues, CureSelect Healthcare aims to ease the gathering and monitoring of patient data and make it accessible to all points of care. "We created A2Z Health Vault where the entire digital record of a patient can be stored," says Dr. P. V. Srinath Yeshwanth, Co-Founder, CureSelect HealthCare. "From the kind of vaccinations the patient has had to the current heart rate, we can capture and provide a complete digital health record for evidence-based diagnosis." In addition, the solutions are HIPAA and ISO:27001 compliance to ensure the safety and security of the EMRs.

CureSelect Healthcare has developed a telehealth solution that utilizes an inbuilt audio video calling software that can run even with low internet connectivity to provide telemedicine in any scenario or terrain. This is vital for emergency case patients who need immediate attention from a specialist located at a different location than the
patient. The same tech can also be deployed in the air, or at sea with the use of Inmarsat satellite technology to provide connectivity on flights, helicopters, and ships.

To this end, CureSelect Healthcare has created a unique mobile or tablet-based app that can be deployed in ambulances for EMS crews to use in order to both capture patient details and initiate Teleconsult with a doctor while in transit to the nearest hospital. They hope that this will cut down he time taken till the patient receives medical care, make better use of the golden hour and save more lives.

They have imagined the field of telemedicine being applied to even our pets and created software aimed explicitly at connecting veterinarians with their four legged patients called TeleVet.

We at CureSelect Healthcare LLP are dedicated to leveraging technology to provide a comprehensive connected care ecosystem

In addition, A2Z Safe 2 School is a student monitoring tool for teachers, parents, and pediatricians to have complete visibility of a child's temperature, ailments, and other medical issues in realtime. Similarly, A2Z Vitals, AirEagle and SeaEagle, Safe@ Work, and Safe2Stay are various specific solutions developed by CureSelect Healthcare to serve specific industries or terrains.

The solutions are built after a thorough R&D in healthcare for participative, personalized, predictive evidence-based, and validated healthcare management. The R&D work began in Chennai in 2018, and the beta testing in India started in collaboration with the National Highways Authority of India. Under this project, CureSelect Healthcare provided the accurate location of a patient and provided the same to an ambulance. "Our solution can help geofence where the patient is, and an ambulance goes directly to the patient, and records the pickup time. The patient's condition is recorded and a live video is connected with the hospital and all the data is shared in realtime," says Dr. Yeshwanth. There is a similar project with Boeing for their long-haul flights where CureSelect's solution can help a passenger onboard get timely attention from a doctor.

The company's solutions have found many takers in the U.S., and now CureSelect is eyeing the Indian market. Soon the entire suite of solutions will be made available for Indian users. It's the passion of the founders and the team of experts from IIT Madras, Kharagpur, and Delhi that the products have been able to serve the U.S. market in delivering bionic care. Advancements in technology-enabled digitization have created concerns about the possible misuse of medical data by various private companies, and pharmaceutical institutions. Still, the determination of people like Dr. Yeshwanth and his team has ensured that the technology is used wisely to preempt and curb health issues instead of the usual reactive diagnosis.

CureSelect Healthcare is focused on providing comprehensive care at every level of healthcare access and in all scenarios.