Curigo: Committed To Manufacturing Superior Quality Pet Care Products At Affordable Prices

 Dr. Sandeep Kachhwaha,  Managing Director

Dr. Sandeep Kachhwaha

Managing Director

Along with rising income levels and an expanding petloving population, an improved awareness of pet health and well being is expected to accelerate market growth and lead to the emergence of new pet care solution providers in India. Established in 2020, Curigo is a young firm on a mission to ensure the continuous development of an exciting range of pet care products to resolve health and grooming problems and enrich the lives of pets and their families. Curigo aspires to establish itself as a beloved, delectable, wholesome, and healthy pet Pharmaceutical brand for animals. By providing dependable and cuttingedge solutions, the firm aims to become a leading name in the animal health sector.

“We founded Curigo with the intention of providing pet owners with affordable, innovative, and quality products to ensure additional care to their beloved pets. At Curigo, we understand that caring for our pets can be costly, with medical consultations, vaccinations, surgeries, and even just feeding them all adding up. We hope to help the pet community by offering a convenient and affordable way to order foods, medicines, and supplements so that more and more pets can receive better care”, says Dr. Sandeep Kachhwaha, Managing Director, Curigo. Customers can conveniently place orders using Curigo's website, e-Commerce sites like Amazon and Flipkart, as well as their nearby pet store or pet clinic.

Pet care products offered by Curigo include nutritional supplements, weaning food, dewormers, flea and tick repellents as well as treatments, antibiotics, anti-inflammatory drugs, derma care, and cleaning and
conditioning solutions. The firm has recently launched a Tick Repellent Spray that offers 8 hours of protection from Ticks, Fleas, and all flying bugs. “We are the only company in India that claims 8 hours of protection from all flying bugs. Considering most of the diseases that our pets have (bacterial or viral) are vector-borne (transmitted through flying insects), the Tick repellent spray is going to be a very important product for Pet parents that will protect their pets from Ticks, Fleas, and other vector borne diseases”, adds Dr. Sandeep Kachhwaha. Curigo firmly believes that by fusing enthusiasm and knowledge, it can provide the best care possible.

Curigo firmly believes that by fusing enthusiasm and knowledge, it can provide the best care possible

Curigo's medicine, supplement, and grooming product lines are all geared toward improving the health of pets. The firm’s committed research team collaborates to uncover, validate, and add new and innovative treatment paths and modalities to its pipeline for development into paradigm-shifting veterinary medications. “For optimum performance, we employ highquality ingredients in an amount that is also optimized. We help customers make an informed choice, we indicate the percentage of important active ingredients utilized in our products, whereas other manufacturers do not. And our registration dossiers meet the strictest regulatory authorities' criteria”, mentions Dr. Sandeep Kachhwaha. The whole Curigo product line is developed in its R&D department and rigorously tested for performance, stability, and quality.

In terms of manufacturing and marketing goods for animal health care, Curigo is one of the market leaders in India. Curigo markets its products under the brand names 'FLUFFYTAILS' and 'FLUFFYSHIELD'. “Initially we were marketing our products through our website and e-commerce portals like Amazon and Flipkart. In the last 18 months, we have had a field force in Gujarat and reached out to all vets, pet shops, and pet parents. Soon, we are launching our products in Maharashtra, Telangana, and Karnataka. We plan to be in all major cities by the end of FY 23”, shares Dr. Sandeep Kachhwaha. Curigo is also developing products based on Hemp Oil and Melatonin and plans to release them by FY 2023-24.