Cutting Fillum Entertainment: Bringing Unique Solutions to Create Video Content for Brands in the Digital World

Yash Ajit Somaiya, Hitesh Rajpurohit, Abhinav Pramod Pyati, Aditya Kamble,Co-FoundersVideos have become a significant part of strategy nowadays as they are a powerful tool through which businesses can communicate stories and make the target audience feel, think, and behave in a certain way. To build a strong brand identity Cutting Fillum Entertainment (CFE) has created consistent brand films and advertisements in the digital realm for various brands through its belief in the power of storytelling, and imagination and emerged as a video solutions expert. CFE takes pride in being confident in its ability to come up with ideas that resonate with the audience and has always found the evolving dynamics of video marketing to be fascinating as a group of young creative minds.

CFE's core team involves four co-founders who have helped the company establish its footprint. Hitesh Rajpurohit, the company's Co-Founder and CEO, is a natural leader and is in charge of CFE's customer acquisition, financial management, and relationship building. Then, Abhinav Pramod Pyati, Co-Founder & Business Head, plays a critical role in promoting the company's strategic vision, growing its clientele, marketing operations, and providing amazing video production services across industries. Yash Ajit Somaiya, Co-Founder & Chief Editor, is the
backbone of CFE, leveraging knowledge and creativity to produce visually compelling storytelling. Aditya Kamble, Co-Founder & Creative Head is responsible for the company's creative direction, unique video production material, and managing pre and post production.

Services & Offerings
CFE has been listed among the best video production agencies in Mumbai and produces customer upscale videos across the industry. The services offered are video for ad films & commercials, animation, brand films, digital films, and corporate videos. Others are photography for commercial, corporate, and product purposes and social media management, which includes content strategy, analytics, and design. “We have serviced industries across the board, like SaaS, IT, BFSI, healthcare, infrastructure, fitness, logistics, FMCG, and almost every other industry. CFE offers solutions for animations in 2D and 3D, corporate videos, commercials, explainer videos, and product launch videos. Now the world is witnessing a digital transformation, and we have established ourselves as an innovative animated video provider as our most significant offering",says Abhinav P. Pyati.

Moreover, the distinguishing feature of CFE that sets it apart from other service providers is the velocity with which the films are delivered. The company believes that video development is about understanding the audience and creating a highly responsive video based on the client's needs. “We sought to develop unique YouTube videos, and our first project was a short film called Wi-Fi, which astonishingly received 400k+ organic views. And gradually, we began to comprehend the dynamics of video marketing, and within two years, we had grown from 4 members to 25. We started as a video production agency but today we have transitioned to become a video solutions expert for brands and agencies", explains Hitesh Rajpurohit.

Ultimately, CFE has utilized technology since its inception; it has been an integral element of the venture's monthly training, as putting technology into operations expedites and simplifies the process for customers. CFE also expects that Web 3.0 has an impact on video marketing and will deliver a significant boost to the marketing business. Thus, brands will invest in the best video solutions partner to remain competitive. The company is currently focusing on the SaaS market and planning to invest in marketing and customer acquisition in line with its roadmap. Additionally, CFE seeks to explore new industries or geographies and aims to enter tier 2 and 3 markets. CFE also intends to prioritize Learning and Development initiatives to provide employees with a meaningful and knowledge-driven career.