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Rajshekhar Pullabhatla,    Founder Director

Rajshekhar Pullabhatla

Founder Director

Cyber attacks are becoming one of the most pressing issues in todays’ digital world, for all individuals and businesses, irrespective of verticals or size. With exponential increase in the use of social media and digital finance, the risk of cyber threats and attacks have escalated manifold. Security concerns have reached unprecedented dimensions, generating concerns for all across the world. Ever changing and evolving cyber threats and attacks, such as information leaks, frauds data breaches, privacy hacks, sexual abuse, impersonation and security breaches among others, have created significant concerns for the enterprises, governments and individuals. In Rajshekhar’s words, “its pertinent that awareness, prevention, protection and incident response to ever-changing security threats must be addressed on a critical war-mode” and Cyberange offerings provide just that.

Cyberange is a prominent cyber security R&D, products, solutions, services and consulting company, which has pioneered the art of basing its offerings on real world-class simulations for cyber security attacks, defense and skill enhancement. Cyberange was incubated by Information Sharing and Analysis Centre “ISAC” a not-for-profit organization and founded in 2017 by industry veterans Rajshekhar P, Karthik Varma, and Gp. Capt. Aanand Naidu, who are steering the firm towards great heights.

Rajshekhar, more commonly known as Raj, is a Curious and an Inquisitive entrepreneur driven by community service ethos and a focused objective to contribute towards strengthening India’s cyber security resilience. With over two decades of rich experience with cyber security R&D, he has been the driving force at ISAC, which has over the last 11+ years remained committed to and has been tirelessly working to build the cyber security capacity and bridge the skill gap in our country. A visionary out of box thinker, Raj engineered the concept of prestigious National Security Database program, which is managed by ISAC and identifies he best and verified cyber professionals in the county.

Leading from the front and supported by a great team, Raj has steered ISAC to incubate impacting ideas that witnessed the birth of Tactical Cyberange Simulations and launch of Cyberange Smart City Simulation Physical and Virtual Labs, CopConnect Platform, Breach Point Platform and Clean Exit Platform.

Demonstrating the industry's increasing relevance to cyber security, the global market size is expected to grow from an estimated value of USD 173.5 billion in 2022 to 266.2 billion USD by 2027. The rise in malware, phishing, ransomware attacks as well as the increased usage of IoT, BYOD, SCADA and emerging technologies are further driving the growth of the cyber security industry. Moreover, the increased demand for cloud-based cyber solutions has a definitive positive impact on market growth. The pandemic has further accelerated digital business and increased the trend for the cyber-savvy board. During the COVID-19 pandemic, enterprises worldwide experienced a 37% increase in cybersecurity threats and are bound to embrace cybersecurity services and solutions to streamline their corporate governance and disclosures, workplace health and safety, data privacy, supply chain, and working capital.

“We are a proudly made-in-India company with the trademarks for Cyberange (In India) and an international patent for it,” emphasizes Gp. Gapt. Aanand Naidu, former director personnel, Indian Airforce, who brings tremendous discipline and experience in law and workforce manag ement. Gp.Capt.Naidu plays an extremely important role in growing Cyberange footprint and continues to remain the driving force for the its market positioning and business growth.

Core Expertise
Cyberange today is India’s leading Anti-Malware, Threat Intelligence, Digital Forensics, Incidence Response,Threat Hunting, Smart City Simulation Physical and Virtual Labs, Adversarial Attack Simulation and allied Cyber Security Services company. With years of in-depth cyber security domain experience with focus on malware research and cyber security emerging technologies, the solutions, products and services from Cyberange are based on cutting edge artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies to bring their customers’ pre-emptive defense threat intelligence and defense capabilities. The firm has designed, developed and offers the world's largest Smart City Simulation PhygitalLab ‘Cyberange’ used for training skill development, redteaming & blue teaming activities, attack simulations, honing
offensive and defensive techniques and for hosting varied cyber security evets such as DTF, CTF, Hackathons etc.

It holds an international patent for the Cyberange Phygital Labs (Australia) and has over a dozen Enterprise Grade Cyberange Labs implemented globally. Additionally, the Cyberange Virtual Labs are a unique, fully cloud first platform, delivered as SaaS over cloud or via onprem implementation, hosts over 750+ real world cyber security use cases and scenarios for wide spread skills & knowledge enhancement. Cyberange’s inhouse researched and developed Adversarial Attack Simulation Tool “Hyacinth” is an enterprise grade cloud based platform for security validation, delivered as Saad solution and on-prem implementation as well and is based on the MITRE ATT&CK Framework which automates over 95% of the top exploits and attack techniques for testing and validating the security of enterprise environments, enabling any organization to assess its readiness to defend against cyber-attacks, including ransomware and complex data breaches in as less as a 90-minute rapid attack test to determine whether an organization’s cyber security initiatives are paying off or not. Further the Cyberange Nano SOC platform provides an open source SIEM-in-a-box for universities to train the next generation workforce in SOC security.

Cyberange is a proudly made-in-India company with the trade marks for Cyberange(In India) and an international patent for it

The products, solutions and services offered by Cyberange are driven by its core R&D capabilities and an innate sense of positive social impact coupled with its founding objectives of ensuring a safe digital India.

Cyberange has been privileged and with a sense of pride has been serving prestigious clients, both from private and government sectors and has contributed towards mission critical projects. Cyberange in collaboration with its parent ISAC was also tasked to design and conduct various prestigious Hackathons, which included The GCCS 2017 with participants from over 120 countries, The Karnataka Government Hackathon with over 10,000 participants and The Indian Army Hackathon “Sainya- Ranakshetram" with 15,000+ participants. Additionally, Cyberange in collaboration with its founder ISAC also designs and holds periodic Defend The Flag ‘DTF’ or Catch The Flag ‘CTF’ national cyber security events and hosts a series of workshops and webinars.

Group Captain P Aanand Naidu(retd), Director

“Our team is extremely passionate and sensitive to customer needs and ever evolving cyber threat environment” adds Karthik Varma the Founder Director & CEO of Cyberange. Karthik, a well-respected cyber security research professional, comes with over a decade of versatile cyber security experience and in addition to his accomplished R&D prowess, possesses strong skills in DevOps and Cloud & Enterprise Security.

Karthik Varma, Founder Director

Journey of Excellence
The affiliation seed of Cyberange started with a funny incident in a classroom of Penetration Testing. Unimpressed, the students began to look about the classroom after the instructor gave a detailed demonstration of hacking. The instructor was puzzled as to why the pupils could not appreciate a fantastic "live hacking" demonstration. The students responded by saying they didn't think it was actual hacking because there weren't any sounds or explosions like in the Die Hard 4 movie, nor did the lights go out or anything else happen. This gave the founding members Cyberange the idea to develop simulations that would enable students to comprehend the effects of hacking and with considerable R&D efforts launched the Cyberange Phygital Lab and by integrating OT and IT, it demonstrates how hacking can affect the realworld operations. The platform received immediate recognition and appreciation and it quickly attracted clients who were eager to use it to train their workers in IoT, PLC & SCADA security and who were keen to simulate the adversarial offensive and defensive techniques.

Over the years, Cyberange has established multiple Cyberange Phygital Labs across the country and in APAC region and is working with some of the largest Universities in India to establish tech platforms for skilling people in cyber security. Cyberange holds a strong client base of repute represented by the private, government and edtech sectors.In addition to its wide spread in India, has representation offices in Singapore and GCC and has generated over 6 million USD orders this year. As it continues to grow,Cyberange plans to market its offerings, including the Phygital and Virtual Labs in the US and Middle East region in the coming year. The firm is heavily investing in AR/VR simulations and has published new simulations in the Metaverse, as well. While exploring the prospects that Cyberange will present for IoT, the simulations are currently being built on 6G and is focused on Quantum computing tech with a dedicated R&D team for this domain. Moreover, Cyberange is building the world’s largest Aviation Cyber Security Simulation Phygital Lab at Hyderabad to build capacity and address aviation sector cyber security concerns.

Raj adds,“Even as businesses bolster and emphasize the necessity of cyber security processes in the after math of large data breaches, only 25% of consumers believe businesses can responsibly handle their personal information.Therefore we strongly recommend that all consumers take a scientific and measurable approach to cyber security readiness.”

The founding members of Cyberange extends greetings and best wishes on the occasion of the Global Cyber Security month and have planned a number of social awareness and cyber events during the month of October, 2022.