CyberFrat: Cybersecurity for everyone

    Gaurav Batra,     FounderBusinesses can now network with global clients and capitalize on other far-flung markets. Thanks to the growing digital revolution happening globally. Businesses can now reach out to a diverse group of clients by conducting business online without having to have a physical presence. The Digital revolution has been no different for India and the resultant boom in the IT sector calls for action to protect the IT infrastructure. The global cybersecurity market is expected to be valued at $433.6 billion by 2030 despite the pandemic hit and the budding entrepreneurs are targeting the cyber security market to attract potential investments. Especially, when the data is shared and accessed upon multiple channels through the cloud, each organization should have an integral plan to put some tabs on accessibility and thoroughly educate the IT & Security staff and make aware all the employees on the values related to cyber security so that the valuable data is not compromised.

CyberFrat Private Limited is an organization with the motive to create education and awareness of cybersecurity for everyone. Cyber-Frat deals in three verticals which makes its services at par when compared to other cybersecurity consultant firms. The primary service that the company offers the educational training about cybersecurity through interactive content which are created, based on the training purposes and the audience skillset. It’s a cross-training platform for IT & cybersecurity professionals to learn new and required skills from SMEs and industry leader. It's a membership based platform where you get to collaborate with professionals globally and thousands of hours of learning through the Web, online and in-person mode..
“The company provides training to the employees on a membership basis, whether it’s for Individual personnel of a particular department or the entire enterprise. This is to ensure that the security levels & complete digital hygiene is followed across all channels of the organization”, says IT professional turned entrepreneur, Gaurav Batra, founder & CEO of CyberFrat.

CyberFrat is a learning platform that focuses on education, spreading awareness along with providing the right guidance on cybersecurity solutions

Personnel Training On Functional Levels
Contradicting the norms earlier, where cybersecurity was only considered relevant for the IT department, it has now become a necessity to ensure data safety awareness across all functions of an organizations. The crucial part is the awareness that all employees of the organization need to adhere to. CyberFrat conducts seminars, campaigns and have an information and motion graphics-based cybersecurity awareness platform that creates bite-size educational bytes that contribute to transforming employee behavior in the long run and helps create a cybersecurity culture. It curates the content based upon the audienc’se day to day work and understanding.

It also has a learning platform for Digital hygiene & Emerging technologies for kids, teens, and parents. TDK focuses on amazing storytelling for kids to understand highly sophisticated cybersecurity concepts. Search for "The Digital Kiddo Podcast" to know more, this is a must listen to kids, teens and parents, adds Gaurav.

Consulting Services
The cybersecurity solutions and consultations are provided to the organization depending upon the size and infrastructure, whether it’s a startup or a big organization. The company also provides risk assessment services for the organization on a need basis. It also has a platform for Enterprise leaders to discuss the evolving scene of Cyber security, Risk Management Emerging technology along with partners.

CyberFrat also provides content creation, branding, marketing, and demand generation activities for IT/IS solution providers. Cyberfrat is serving 60+ OEMs at current stage.

In the five years of its operations, CyberFrat has evolved and networked globally, learning and spreading awareness along the way. It has a network of 25000+ members across the globe, with a presence in 50+ countries. It also provides a pool of job opportunities for young and experienced professionals. “Anyone can enroll, learn, and associate on the platform”, concludes Gaurav.