Cyfer Code: Making Indian Cyber Security Infrastructure more Resilient & Future-Ready

 Lavanya J.,   Director

Lavanya J.


According to staffing experts, there are now between 20,000 and 25,000 empty positions in cybersecurity profiles in India, and this number is projected to grow as telecoms push the 5G rollout and corporations continue their digital transformation journeys. With India's growing IT Infrastructure, it has become imperative to fill these voids to ensure safe operations can be maintained.

Understanding this, Cyfer Code has not only been creating a highly secure IT infrastructure for its clients but also nurturing talents right from their college years to become competent cybersecurity professionals. “We have a remote working culture in which our employees value flexibility. Furthermore, we believe in upgrading our employees' skills throughout their careers, whether through certifications, cutting-edge technology, and software training, or other industry-specific programs. We encourage our employees to attend seminars and events to stay abreast of the changing market dynamics. This enables us to incorporate all relevant parameters in order to provide products and solutions to our clients”, highlights Lavanya J, Director, Cyfer Code.

“We are an employee-centric company that believes in taking care of the requirements of each employee and their families in order for them to work at their very best. We have developed an open culture and a healthy ecosystem in which our staff are delighted to work which further ensures our clients are satisfied”, adds Lavanya J.
Speaking of the company, Cyfer Code believes in women empowerment, wherein, it is spearheaded by two Directors - Janjanam Vara Lakshmi and Lavanya Janjanam, who are further backed by the company’s founder Vamsidhar J. Vamsidhar J brings over 13 years of experience in the cyber security domain having worked across some of the biggest names in the world of business. He has been instrumental in the company’s effort in devising products and solutions which can aid in the country’s dearth of mitigating cyber security risks.

Two years since its existence, Cyfer Code has built a name for itself as a recognized cyber security solution provider, playing a crucial part in its clients' digital growth

Two years since its existence, Cyfer Code has built a name for itself as a recognized cyber security solution provider, playing a crucial part in its clients' digital growth. Through its extensive security services and products, the organization has enabled safer operations. The company's integrated service platform includes a security assessment dashboard for understanding an organization's security posture. "We didn't stop there; with the help of our brightest minds in cyber security, we launched Cyfer Code, which protects end-user online accounts and identities from account takeover and credential stuffing attacks. Cyfer Code team members are deeply committed to creating a more secure future", shares Lavanya J.

The company is known in the market for its comprehensive service portfolio which includes web application security, network security, mobile application security IoT security, and Blockchain security. Further, Cyfer Code completely hand-holds its clients right from the root to post-engagement service deliver ability. Some of the notable features and value additions that Cyfer Code brings to the table include video proof of concept (POC) of each attack performed to measure the business impact, a manual testing-focused approach avoiding false positives from automated tools, over 300 attack scenarios tested providing comprehensive testing of all aspects in the IT infrastructure, and cross-industry experts who understand critical business functionalities and processes ensuring testing the most relevant aspects.

“We provide specialized cyber security training for the students in the college itself and make them industry ready by offering specialized training from day one. After completion, we assess the skill set and hire the talent. We aim towards educating the people from the rural areas and bring women empowerment and contribute to the bigger picture of a robust security infrastructure across the nation”, concludes Lavanya J.