CzarPay: Live Like a King!

 Akshay Chavan,     Founder & CEO

Akshay Chavan, Founder & CEO

Short term lending is the future. For any salaried working professionals, a small amount of financial aid can do wonders. The need for money for any individuals can arise anytime, anywhere. The struggle is real. It hits you hard when least expected. It may be sending your child to his first school camp, but wondering how to finance it? Moving into a new house, where you need a little extra money for the rental deposit? It can be for a medical or educational emergency, so on and so forth. The needs are endless.

Relying on close friends, families, and relatives for immediate financial support in such situation can be the solution, but at the same time, it is very daunting, as it leads to embarrassments, and can even damage relationships. In retrospect, there are a few cases, where people have taken advantage of the borrowers by charging them hefty interest rates. Without a doubt, these are not impossible goals. If planned correctly, it is an easy win. CzarPay coming to the rescue here has simplified the entire process, whereby it has eliminated the pain that borrowers go through.

"Convenience and quick delivery of
loans is the need of the hour. Keeping the interest rates affordable and catering to the working class professional will drastically change the entire scenario of the finance ecosystem, and needless to say, the salaried professionals will always have one or the other requirements for small time loans, and we are here to help them live a better life, without any hindrance!" says Akshay Chavan, Founder & CEO, CzarPay.

"CzarPay has diversified its platform, where it offers a gamut of products which includes mobile loans, instant, salary plus, travel fund, investment, rent deposits, and car/bike down payment amongst others"

A Digital Lending App for Working Professionals on the Go!
The journey of Pune based CzarPay started in 2015, in a simple setting, where the company was initially called Kadki, a brand popularly known among the locals for its short term lending. That was just the start!

As time progressed, understanding the market scenario and exploring the opportunities, seven months ago, the company has started its operation in Mumbai, where it has evolved its system from manual processes to completely automating and creating a unique platform, CzarPay. This digital lending platform is known to open doors to multiple possi-bilities, thereby helping people to lead improved lifestyle. Interestingly, its new and revolutionary credit scoring mechanism (CzarPay Credit Score) is powered by AI and other tools, inevitably making loan acceptance and borrowing quicker. "At present, we disburse loans within 24Hrs, but in the coming
days we will be giving out loans in less than five minutes," mentions Alex Anthony, COO, excitingly. More than anything, the platform is designed in such a way that it makes the entire experience hassle-free and pleasant.

Today, CzarPay has diversified its platform, where it offers a gamut of products which includes mobile loans, instant, salary plus, travel fund, investment, rent deposits, and car/bike down payment amongst others. Additionally, few of the benefits that the platform provides include the hassle free application process, no questions asked on usage, repayment in easy EMIs, affordable rates of interest and more.

The Future Looks Bright
Initially started by two techies for the love of technology and helping people. At present, CzarPay has grown to have a 13+ member lean team, who are continually innovating, ideating and executing. With Yazdin Mistry as Advisor, the company is heading in the right direction. In a short span, the company has disbursed more than 5 Cr loan with less than 1 percent NPA to its customers. Currently reaching a break even stage, CzarPay plans to expand its presence PAN India in the next couple of months.

A man of few words, Akshay, optimistic about the future of CzarPay, concludes "We want to be a trade mark in short term lending space, and want to help people through our plat-form, to be able to have quick and easy access to short term loans, and there should be not be any barriers for them to lead a happy life."