D Cube Insure: Online Insurance Aggregator Redefining Industry Dynamics

Harshil Desai , Managing Director & Principal Officer

Harshil Desai

Managing Director & Principal Officer

Currently, India ranks 11th in the global insurance business, and according to IBEF, is growing annually at a rate of 32-34 percent. Due to increased smartphone penetration and easy access to the internet, today’s youth have a thorough knowledge of various areas of the financial services industry.

The increase in disposable income and in the awareness about the insurance industry are among the key drivers of the growth of the insurance business. Additionally, uncertainties brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic both at the individual and corporation levels has further fueled the insurance industry in India.

In the context of these favorable conditions, the insurance industry is undergoing a complete metamorphosis. One primary reason for this is the requirement for insurance platforms to have an online presence to enable better accessibility and deeper market penetration.

This recent trend of online insurance has disrupted the way traditional insurance firms operate. Due to the variegated nature of insurance companies, policies and practices, customers are often overloaded with information Today, there are a multitude of online insurance platforms where customers can access information about various insurance providers and the different types of insurance policies they offer. Such platforms, enable customers to compare various insurance policies and select the one best suited to their financial and healthcare needs, all from the comfort of their homes.

Positioned uniquely in the Indian online insurance space is D Cube Insure, which is easing the insurance process of its customers through its user-friendly online platform.
Based in Vapi, Gujarat, the company has carved a niche for itself in the Indian insurance market through its service efficiency and transparent process. “We offer an intuitive and user-friendly website interface, which enables customers to navigate our website easily making their journey to selecting an insurance plan fast and optimal.

Our website allows simple plan comparison, product selection and payment services. Our goal will always be focused on providing a seamless and easy experience to all our customers”, Harshil Desai, Managing Director & Principal Officer, D Cube Insure.As the only company in Gujarat to be registered with IRDAI and hold a license for the Web Insurance Aggregator business, D Cube deals with both Life Insurance and General Insurance. The company offers a wide range of insurance products that include Health Insurance, Group Medical Insurance, Bike Insurance, Travel Insurance, Corporate Business Insurance, Vehicle Insurance, Term Insurance and Pension Insurance, to name a few.

What makes D Cube unique is that it offers an Comprehensive Insurance Dashboard on its website, which enables customers to keep track of all their insurance policies that they own, irrespective of whether they were purchased through D Cube or through another service. “Unlike traditional insurance brokers, we are a fully online service and are by default unbiased in every quote we provide. At D Cube, Customer satisfaction is our top priority, and is more important to us than simply turning a profit. We educate our customers about the best insurance products available in the market, and strive to clearly understand their requirements, enabling us to offer the most suitable product at lowest possible rate”,explains Pratima Desai, Director, D Cube Insure.

Unlike traditionalInsurance Brokers, we are A fully online Serviceand Are by default Unbiased in every Quote we provide

Being one of the most sensitive industries, the insurance industry is highly regulated globally. D Cube adheres to all the regulatory compliances laid out by the governing bodies and has all the security measures in place to ensure the safety and privacy of customer data. “Keeping-up with the contemporary trend of digitization, we at D Cube, offer a hassle-free way for our customers to make premium payments or settlements online. Traditionally, agents used to collect premium from the customers in cash, and so many cases have been registered where the policy was actually never delivered.

To mitigate such problems, we have a clear model in place and maintain complete transparency throughout the process. According to Economic Survey of 2022, only three out of 100 people in India have Life Insurance, and only one out of 100 people have non-life insurance policies in India. Moving forward, we see great potential in the Indian Market, and through our D Cube platform, we shall alleviate the lack of awareness and education about the insurance industry and ensure more people have insurance coverage to enable better health and financial security”, concludes the duo.