D'Curve Development Services: Dream. Explore. Discover.

Guruswaroop P & Charan Pommarapalli,Co-FoundersWith a view to re-define the true meaning of a lifestyle that lives beyond the trends in the world of modern furnishings, D'Curve Development Services came into being. The founders –Charan and Guru have been involved in creating masterpieces that are a blend of sophistication and aesthetics. Charan with his chemical engineering degree has now found that manufacturing is no more a stream of career but his true passion. He now manages the manufacturing and production process. Guru being a design expert brings his design ideas to life by creating exceptional kitchens and storage systems for Indian homes. “Coming from the family of entrepreneurs, starting a venture of our own different from the family business was always in my mind. Together with Guru, we thought this would be a great space to explore. Ergo, D’Curve,”speaks Charan.

With a perfect blend of simplicity and class, D’Curve aims at offering
a splendid experience in the name of modern furniture. Although a designing company originally, D’Curveis involved in manufacturing as well.“Our core area of strength is designing. A well-designed ergonomic product will really create a positive impact on the user, we believe. With our in-house team of designers, manufacturing and installation team, we utilize our advantage to transcend the vision of our designers to reality. Honesty in our designs and transparency in our material specification is our USP’says Charan.

"With a perfect blend of simplicity and class, D’Curve aims at offering a splendid experience in the name of modern furniture"

Uplifting the Aesthetics of Living Spaces
Being strong believers in “Many things in life can be made easier and better through intelligent minimization”, team D’Curve constantly engages in creating timeless functional designs that not just uplift the aesthetics of a living space, but also make storage easy, convenient and hassle-free. “We believe kitchen can be a beautifully organized place in a home” says Guru.

Keeping design, quality, functionality and best practices as the core values of the company, they design products with the sole purpose of providing a differential experience to the user and enable their well being. “At D’Curve, we believe in the philosophy of
Material Honesty or Material Integrity. According to this philosophy, we use only materials that are honest by adhering to the three qualities; it should be what it looks like, it has to behave as it looks like and should not be a replica”.

The company promises to deliver excellence at every step and uses advanced technology to manufacture high-quality furniture that not just suffices the need of ergonomics but also exhibits great efficiency.“With clarity in design and specifications for the product lines along with trusted network of supply partners, we are able to source high quality raw materials. Usage of simple tools for optimization as well as assembling the product at the facility prevents errors hence improves delivery experience,”he informs.

The Road Ahead
An organically growing company with strong set of ethics and dedicated clientele, D’Curve derives most of its business from references. “Dieter Rams, OtlAicher and Vincent Van Duysen are the three people who inspire us in our area of work,’he mentions.

The next reachable milestone that D’Curve has set for itself is to build a smart factory inspired by the Industry 4.0 and developing itself to carve a niche as a 200crore company in the next 10 years.